The Visionary Disrupting Filmmaking through Cryptocurrency

Photo by Jake Raynor

Mitzi Peirone is making her debut in the filmmaking industry with Braid; a psychological thriller that will be the first feature film in the United States to be funded through an equity crowdsale using cryptocurrency. The 25-year old model, painter, and writer met entrepreneur Joseph Lubin, founder of ConsenSys - the leading company in blockchain technology application development - at a music festival on the Woodstock grounds in 2015, and soon after forged a partnership with the mission to democratize filmmaking. Braid will use WeiFund, the blockchain based equity crowdfunding platform developed by ConsenSys, to partially finance the film.

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Braid illustrates the power of imagination in creating reality as an extension of human consciousness, and follows the infernal journey of three women into a violent psycho wonderland of make believe and torture.

When it comes to funding, independent filmmakers often resort to open crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo; but a Kickstarter funded film could make millions of dollars and its donors wouldn't see any return. With Weifund, donors who believe in the vision of the film become investors who can profit should it be successful. The young female writer/director is pioneering a new approach to filmmaking that is not reliant upon the traditionally wealthy white male investment pool that is commonly used to get films off the ground. This independence allows for the preservation of artistic integrity, putting the story first, rather than star power or mainstream appeal. An equity crowdsale is a perfect tool for Indie Filmmaking as it enables new and creative stories to be told that might have been turned away by Hollywood executives.

Mitzi's disruption squad is composed by Business and Marketing partner Ryan Gittleson, Associate Producer Jacquelini Carini, Krish Jagirdar from Brand New Matter, Documentarist Hilary Steadman, and Bogdan Burcea (Creative Director of ConsenSys).

The story of the film follows Petula Thames and Tilda Darlings, two self proclaimed artists who moved to NYC to follow their dreams and got involved in drug dealing and prostitution instead. One night they lose 80 thousand dollars worth of narcotics and are given 48 hours to pay their vengeful druglord back. The girls leave town to rob their wealthy childhood friend, Daphne Peters, who has grown into a dangerous schizophrenic agoraphobe, prisoner of the fantasy world the three created as children. To take her money, the girls have to take part in Daphne's twisted and violent game of make believe. The three of them quickly descend into a deadly maze of hallucinations, role play, torture and murder.

Braid's message is about making your dreams become your reality, and WeiFund is the innovative platform that will help make that happen.

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