'The Voice' Season 2: 12 Most Memorable, Shocking, Envelope-Pushing Moments (VIDEO)

Everyone wants to compare NBC's "The Voice" and Fox's "American Idol," but we think it's no contest. Sure, they're both singing competitions with notable judges, huge talent and even bigger weekly ratings, but that's about where the similarities end.

"The Voice" Season 2 proved that the show isn't just a flash in the pan; this singing competition is in the business of entertaining viewers. "Idol," now in its 11th season, has been trying to shake things up, but with "The Voice" mixing in new elements every single episode, are "Idol's" efforts too little, too late? "Idol" ratings have suffered, especially in the all-important 18-34 demo, while "The Voice" found steady footing with a smart formula: Never do the same show twice.

We've got 12 memorable moments from Season 2 of "The Voice" that prove, without a doubt, that "The Voice" is in it to win it with viewers. From Cee Lo's wigs and Purrfect props to shocking instant eliminations, truly uncomfortable verbal sparring and some hilarious unscripted moments that can only be chalked up to live TV, take a look back at what made this season so entertaining.

(And if you're wondering why there aren't any references to Christina Aguilera's skimpy outfits, avant garde hats, self-tanner overload and general cleavage explosion, that could fill its own gallery.)

In no particular order, 12 crazy, random, memorable, shocking, envelope-pushing moments from "The Voice" Season 2:

"The Voice" Season 2 Most Memorable Moments