'The Voice': E.G. Daily's Voice Impresses, As Does Her Other Career As A Voice Actor (VIDEO)

'The Voice': E.G. Daily's Voice Impresses, But Where Have We Heard It Before?

On "The Voice," 51-year-old E.G. Daily wanted to be recognized for her own voice. Since the 1980s, she's made quite a name for herself in the world of voice acting, breathing life into such notable characters as Tommy Pickles from "Rugrats" and Buttercup in "The Powerpuff Girls." She also gained some notoriety as Dottie in "Pee-wee's Big Adventure." But it was her singing voice that commanded the attention of Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green.

E.G. brought a beautiful rasp and range to Faith Hill's "Breathe." When Christina Aguilera thought she recognized her, E.G. admitted to being Dottie, and then said Tommy's catchphrase:"A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do.”

After raising her children, E.G. said that she felt like this might be her last chance to pursue her true passion, and she was excited to see if she could make it using her own voice. In the end, it seemed that Cee Lo's familiarity with her voice work played against him. She chose Blake because she felt that he heard her true voice.

Entertainment Weekly's Annie Barrett pointed out that this isn't E.G.'s first stab at a singing career, and in fact she's had some success already. "Daily never broke out as a solo artist (she signed with A&M Records in ’85), but she’s had a ton of songs in movies like 'Scarface,' 'The Breakfast Club,' and 'Better Off Dead,'" Barrett wrote.

Over at Buddy TV, though, Esther Gim was impressed. She also had an unlikely fantasy for E.G. in the future. "I'm hoping she sings a song in the voice of one of her characters, but I know that's not likely," wrote Gim. "She's very raspy. Almost too raspy. But she definitely has range."

Check out her full performance below:

The blind auditions on "The Voice" continue every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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