'The Voice': Was Garrett Gardner's Performance So Hot That Usher Took His Shirt Off? (VIDEO)

It was getting hot on "The Voice" during Garrett Gardner's take on a Backstreet Boys classic. After he put his unique growl on "I Want It That Way," Usher was feeling so moved that he started taking his clothes off.

Okay, actually it was a technical problem in the studio. The air conditioning was off, making it a hot night for everyone. But this is a live show and the show had to go on. Usher's shirt, on the other hand, was under no such requirements to stay on.

"Usher’s taking off all his clothes, I just want to say that," Carson Daly pointed out. "Very distracting to me and Garrett having to watch that."

Buddy TV was all about Garrett's performance and disagreed with some of the flak coach Shakira got for the song choice. "It's just so different and cool and unexpected," they wrote. "I understand the coaches' criticisms because this isn't for everyone and it probably tastes bitter if it's not your cup of tea, but I adore it. I hope Shakira is right that lots of people download it because it's so damn cool."

Hollywood Life agreed, saying that they enjoyed both Garrett's performance as well as Usher's impromptu strip tease. Tuesday night sees two singers leave the competition, but who will it be?

Find out as "The Voice" continues on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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