'The Voice' Recap: Nicholas David Ditches His Glasses In Top 4 Performances

This week, "The Voice" gods spared us a two-hour show and gifted us with a peek at Nicholas David not just without two pairs of glasses, not just without cataract sunglasses, but without any glasses at all.

But before we get to a de-spectacled St. Nick, Carson Daly informs us that only one contestant will be eliminated on Tuesday night's results show and the news has Nicholas doing some sort of chicken dance. For fans of the cluck-tastic move, worry not, it resurfaces.

Jaimie: "WHOA WHOA. Nicholas looks like a lion."
Chelsey: "Rawwwwwrrrrr"
Jaimie: "Everyone looks so fancy tonight."
Chelsey: "Cee Lo looks oddly normal, just your regular member of the rap community."
Jaimie: "Haha. Truth. Wait. Nicky is clucking."
Chelsey: "THREE finalists?! This is so silly."
Jaimie: "Very."
Chelsey: "OK, 'Paradise Hotel.'"

After a wonderful and very white rendition of "Christmas, Baby Please Come Home" from former "Voice" mentor Michael Buble, Christina, clad in a Clockwork Queen of Hearts ensemble, comments on how fancy the boys look tonight and offers some empty advice about what it takes to win after being the first coach eliminated on this season of "The Voice."

Jaimie: "Is that Aladdin's sword on X-Tina's neck? Also, I didn't know the gesture for handsome was tie yanking."
Chelsey: "They do look cute. She looks like trash. Also, I'll be super happy if Cee Lo wins for obvious reasons, but also because she'll be the only coadge that hasn't won."

Finally, it was time to get the semi-finals going. Up first ...

Trevin Hunte
"Wind Beneath My Wings," Bette Midler
Team Cee Lo

Trevin is up first and takes a trip back to his hometown, which is apparently in Georgia, not New York. He is greeted by his MASSIVE family and a cool graffiti sign, and his parents talk about how proud they are, and it's incredibly heartwarming. They're adorable. Can we come to your Christmas, Hunte family?

Next, Trevin goes to his middle school to speak to and sing to the students. It's hard to remember that he's only, like, five years older than them. Trevin hopes to inspire the students. "Hard work pays off," he tells the auditorium full of youngins. "Once you have a dream, it can always come true."

Jaimie: "Is the teacher who was an asshole there?"
Chelsey: "I HOPE SO."
Jaimie: "I want to see a smackdown."

Unfortunately, there is no smackdown, just a bunch of incredibly inspired middle school students. LAAAAAME.

Trevin dedicates this classic song to the middle school students, and the performance is quite heavenly and literal. There are angelic performers everywhere. Like angels. With wings. And wind beneath them.

Jaimie: "There is a lot of literal wind on that stage. WE GET IT, SET DESIGNER WHO CHRISTINA LOVES."
Chelsey: "Another subtle week for Trevin."

Trevin sounds great as always, but it's not necessarily his best. But, still, it would be hard for him to top last week.

Jaimie: "Sometimes when his eyes are open, I don't feel the emotion."
Chelsey: "I know what you mean."
Jaimie: "Like, he has kind of a vacant or fearful look?"

Adam saw the fearful look when he tells Trevin, "it's okay, it's over." Then he tries to prove to us that he's still relevant by telling Trevin that he had actually suggested to someone else that he perform this song. Christina does the same by telling us how her 7-year-old wedding singer self used to perform this song all the time. She redeems herself, though, when she tells Trevin that she "never sang it as crazy great as that." She says that he took it to a whole different level.

Coadge Cee Lo tells Trevin how proud he is of what he's become. "It's always a pleasure...it's always my pleasure," he says.

Nicholas David
"You Are So Beautiful To Me," Joe Cocker
Team Cee Lo

After another staged NBC plug -- this time with Howie Mandel, germaphobe and host of the new holiday game show "Take It All," who was wearing the same baseball hat and owl/nesting doll t-shirt as Cee Lo -- it's time to head to Minnesota with St. Nick, who was donning spiritual beading and conveniently standing in front of a Starbucks at the airport.

Nick drives (in a Kia, of course) to his new home where his pregnant wife, two sons and more family members are waiting for him. His youngest is so happy to see his heavily-bearded father that he won't let go of his leg. Later, Nick and his wife -- or, as he says, "My gal and I" -- go to the doctor's to hear his third child's heartbeat. Cue close-up on pregnant tummy and ultrasound jelly.

Jaimie: "Oh, ew." 
Chelsey: "Yeah ... "
Jaimie: "I did not need to see the tummy."
Chelsey: "Yeah, too far, 'Voice.'"

Then it's off to the Mall of America, where boho Nick must spend most of his time and where Nick is honored by the mayor of his hometown of Eagan, who "believes [Nick] can get anywhere in life" and presents him with a tiny gold microphone. Next, Nick visits his old musical stomping grounds, The Happy Gnome, where he performs his amazing take on "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" for family and friends, from his baby to one headband-sporting shimmying lady.

His semi-finals performance of the Joe Cocker classic is sweet -- especially since he's singing it for his family who's tearfully watching in the audience -- but the set is very eerie. It doesn't quite fit the song or Nicholas' rendition, but the cracked windows, spider-web-covered instrument, attic feel is quite awesome.

Jaimie: "WHOA."
Chelsey: "This set is KEWL."
Jaimie: Yes, it really is. I love it." 
Chelsey: "It looks like a store you and mom would want to shop in."

Nicholas is sporting some sleek locks and no specs. His baby blues are sparkling and it's a very suave look.

Apparently, St. Nick is wiped. He takes a seat in the rocking chair that's part of the set to hear what the judges have to say.

Cheley: "OK, Jerry Lawson."
Jaimie: Hahahahahaha."
Chelsey: "I'll never be over it."

Carson makes some very lame joke about Nicholas seeing his family due to the absence of the glasses and then, it's on to some slightly more thoughtful commentary ... Adam is basically just loving all things Nicholas. "You're just one of the most soulful people I've ever met," he says. "I've always been been a fan of what you do musically, but it just transcends that. I like you." Nicholas likes him too. Adam should probably just go up there and sit on Soul St. Nick's lap in that rocking chair and tell him what he wants for Christmas. Anyway, Coadge Cee Lo says Nick looks handsome and says the performance was "so heartfelt, so beautiful."

Team Blake
"White Christmas"

After a brief trip to hell with gigglepuss Christina Milian in the Sprint Torture Chamber, Team Blake reunites...and it's a Starbucks party up in here, ya'll! Christmas cups everywhere! This well-caffeinated crew is back together to record a song for Blake's Christmas album.

It's hard to focus on the super cute reunion because we're spending the entire time trying to remember who the hell half these people are. Nonetheless, it's fun to see the ones that we do remember and the performance is Christmas-y so we have that.

Jaimie: "Who is the guy next to little Diana DeGarmo and who is the girl next to little Ali Lohan?"
Chelsey: "I remember no one. Michaela looks like she's at a New Years party."
Jaimie: "Maybe we should start watching this show at top 20."

Christina proves to use that she knows the words to one of the most famous Christmas songs ever by singing along. Blake is so adorable when he sings though, so it's fine.

Also, for your enjoyment, we went to NBC's Team Blake page on the commercial break to jog our memory, and we're reminded of "Smog Technician Heartthrob Charlie Rey." You're welcome.

Cassadee Pope
"Stupid Boy," Keith Urban
Team Blake

When Cassadee returns to West Palm Beach, the place she calls home and truly identifies with, her family and boyfriend All Time Low singer Rian Dawson are there to greet her. The smiles and hugs continue as Cassadee, clearly the hometown hero, heads to her local radio station Wild 95.5 where crowds of loved ones and fans holding signs have gathered.

Then, it's off to a concert, which starts off with a motorcade for Miss Pope, and the Mayor of West Palm Beach giving her a key to the city. As raindrops fall in Florida, Cassadee sings "Torn" to what looks like a huge crowd.

For her semifinal performance, Cassadee continues with her country streak, going with Coadge Blake's choice. Once again, she's going with a ballad, standing in a gown in the middle of the stage. Of course, she sounds good. But it's kind of getting tired.

Jaimie: "Keepin' it country."
Chelsey: "It's her new wheelhouse."
Jaimie: "I like it, but I feel like she's doing these 'this is so powerful, I can just stand here in a gown and do little else' songs."
Chelsey: "Yeah, I agree."

When "Stupid Boy" comes to a close, Blake gives her a standing ovation as does Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, who's in the audience and makes us want to find "Sugar, We're Goin' Down," which hasn't been played on our iTunes since 2006. Anyway, Cassadee is clearly a hit, yet again.

"Sometimes your voice sounds so right on that you almost sound auto-tuned 'cuz it's so perfect -- and you're on point," Christina tells Cass. "That's the thing that sort of blows me away every time about you ... Blake, you have a true superstar on your hands."

Blake agrees, noting he chooses country for Cassadee because it's one of her talents. "She has the ability to connect with a lyric like nobody else that I've probably ever seen on this show," he says. "And it's amazing."

Terry McDermott
"Let It Be," The Beatles
Team Blake

We were very anxious to see how Terry would go home like his fellow finalists. Apparently New Orleans is his "adopted home city." Ah-ha!

Terry surprises his son at home and it is quite adorable. "When my dad came home...oh. my. gosh," the youngin tells us after the surprise. We love him.

Jaimie: "That kid's hair!"
Chelsey: "It looks like Diego's."
Jaimie: "He's like Derek from 'Full House.' He doesn't have an accent, which is disappointing."

Terry goes to the Hard Rock for a performance and he is surprised by his Scottish aunt and uncle who are wearing Terry masks. They're the best. Terry cries. Terry's the best.

We're both very happy with the song choice, and we decided that they don't do enough Beatles on this show. He's supported by a choir and it's a very moving performance. Blake is even tearing up!

Jaimie: "Blake is taking Cee Lo's lead."
Chelsey: "Yuuuuup. Bunch of cry babies."
Jaimie: "I think Terr is wearing some makeup."
Chelsey: "Quite poss."

The performance really picks up at the end, and we're in agreement that this is one of our favorite Terry performances. Great timing, Terr!

Terry receives glowing reviews from the coadges, as well. Adam tells him, "Thank God for you, Terry...you did an incredible job." Proud papa Blake tells Terry that he's one of the few artists worthy enough to sing that song. "In my heart ... I believe that was musical perfection," he says. Whoaaaaa.

When voted closed at 10 a.m. EST, these were the iTunes standings. (Also, note that those contestants who land in the Top 10 have their iTunes votes multiplied by 10):
Cassadee Pope: No. 1
Terry McDermott: No. 2
Nicholas David: No. 5
Trevin Hunte: No. 34

Tune in to NBC on Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. EST to find out who gets elimination on "The Voice."