'The Voice' Recap: The Top 10 Take The Season 3 Stage

The Top 10 of "The Voice's" third season took the stage Monday night and delivered one of the best all-around evenings of performances the show has ever seen. There was Usher, there was White Stripes, there was Billy Joel, there was Bryan Adams and there was even a little Blake Shelton.

And shockingly, Trevin Hunte performed a non-ballad pop song.

Plus, Blake, Christina and Christina's hot pink-tipped bangs took the stage to perform "Just a Fool," their new song off of XTeen's recently-released album "Lotus." Shocking, it was pretty good -- no thanks to the bangs.

Chelsey: "Why does Christina perform incessantly?"
Jaimie: "Because tonight's your lucky night. You know you want it."

As of Monday, Christina and Blake each have two team members while Adam and Cee Lo each have three. Will Christina and Blake's teams continue to dwindle or will Adam and/or Cee Lo's teams get cut? How will things end up? Check back Thursday.

Sylvia Yacoub
"Girls Is On Fire," Alicia Keys
Team Christina

"I never thought I would be here," Sylvia says about being a Top 10 finalist. Frankly, neither did we. She has a great voice, of course, but there's just something that's not particularly enjoyable about watching her.

"I see so much of an early me in Sylvia," Christina says, specifying that their similarities are musically-based (thank goodness for Ms. Yacoub).

Sylvia says, "I think I can really connect with the song" and then makes some ridiculous metaphor about how the two relate (to paraphrase): Before this, I was pre-law and sure. But when I get up on stage, it's like FIRE!

When she kicks off the show, Sylvia is tickling the ivories, looking like a glamien (a glamorous alien); but when the first chorus kicks in, she takes the stage in her metallic mini peplum dress.

Jaimie: "She looks so much like Troian Bellisario from the side. It's ridiculously weird."
Chelse: "She REALLY does. Whoa"

Sylvia is really traipsing all over the place and there's no doubt she's got Team Christina's signature runs down.

Chelsey: "Sylvia is just too intense for me. It makes me not like her."
Jaimie: "Yeah. She's talented, but I just don't enjoy watching her. It's stressful."
Chelsey: "Exactly. She tries so hard to be like Christina-powerful."

"I think that you're becoming increasingly more confident," Cee Lo tells Sylvia. "You never cease to amaze me." "This was by far your most polished, refined, in control performance," Adam adds. "It was incredible. I'm totally blown away." Blake tells Sylvia that it's hard being the first one up at bat, but she nailed it and Coadge Chrissy is also wowed.

"You were on fire," Christina tells Sylvia. "You just made me so proud ... You have it all. You blew me away."

Terry McDermott
"Summer of '69," Bryan Adams
Team Blake

After a quick session in the "fancy Sprint Skybox," we learn that Christina Milian is officially incapable of speaking a full sentence. "Performance...live....hashtag...worldwide...trends...Dez, f**k me." And it's over (for now) so we can finally move onto "Scottish rocker Terry McDermott."

Jaimie: "Gooooo Terry gooooo"
Chelsey: "Oh my gosh Terry. Adorable."

Terry practices the Bryan Adams hit with Blake and Blake's pal, music producer Scott Hendricks. Scott is impressed with Terry, especially his high jump that he does at the end of his rehearsal. When Scott comments on Terry's jumping skills, Terry says that all it takes is a "good ol' wedgie."

Jaimie: "Oh Terry. You're the cutest. Your hair is the heinousest."
Chelsey: "But I'm glad he made it clear last week that it's not a mullet."
Jaimie: "It made me appreciate that he also must somewhat understand the ridiculousness of his hair."

Blake stresses how important it is that Terry works both the stage and the crowd, and Terry recognizes that Blake is the one making this happen and that he's representing Blake, and he wants to give him a win.

Terry's performance gets off to a solid start, though he does seem to be more focused on jamming with the band than connecting with the crowd. Still, he sounds amazing.

Chelsey: "Is he messing up the lyrics?"
Jaimie: "No?"
Chelsey: "I thought I heard some mixups..."
Jaimie: "They just cut some lines."
Chelsey: "Believe me. This is my jam. I know it well. Maybe I'm not understanding his rocker twang properly."

At the end of the performance, Carson "I'm the Worst!" Daly announces "A classic American song done by a Scottish dude." Thanks, Carson. Luckily Terry saves the moment by saying "Cheers, boss" to Blake after he's done singing.

Jaimie: "CARSON. Diiiiiieeeeeee"
Chelsey: "No. Carson, no."
Jaimie: "Terry gets cuter by the week."

Christina tells Terry that he is "always so spot on" and also notes that he sings on his tip toes. "Used to wearing heels, maybe?" Carson "PAY ATTENTION TO ME" Daly proposes. Cee Lo tells Terry that he's a big fan and is ready to hear some original music from him. Adam, who is dressed like a Canadian priest, as Jaimie notes, say that he "gets mad every time I hear you" because he wanted Terry on his team. Terry's adorable reply? "Sorry."

Coadge Blake, who has nothing but love for Terry, tells him that he's not good with expressing his feelings but he "tried to send an email this week to say what I was thinking about you."

Jaimie: "Dad tried to send an email but couldn't figure out how to press send."
Chelsey: "Oh, dad. Technology is so difficult for the old folk."

Blake tells Terry that he reminds him "of everything I love about rock n' roll" and that he's "so proud."

Melanie Martinez
"Seven Nation Army," The White Stripes
Team Adam

Hey guys, check it out! Carson randomly spotted the entire cast of 'Guys with Kids' casually in the studio audience! "If you're here, where are the kids?" he disgustingly asks. "Nevermind, don't want to know!" he disgustingly answers his own disgusting question.

Let's move on. Melanie will be singing this intense White Stripes song and it seems like a nice change of pace.

Jaimie: "Melanie is so cute."
Chelsey: "Jamar did this song though..."
Jaimie: "He did. He ROCKED IT OUT. She will not."

Adam, sporting some yellow-tinted glasses, tells Melanie this week that she needs to "explode" with this song. Melanie knows that she has a softer voice but needs to go crazy and find moments that highlight the power. "It's hard being the youngest" she says before taking the stage.

Jaimie: "Adam. Your shades. You are not Yoko. I hope she kicks ass."
Chelsey: "Same. It sounds good in rehearsal."

Melanie's performance begins, and she's sporting her classic sleeveless collared dress and bow, but her hair is straight this time, so the times they are a-changing.

Jaimie: "Her guitar looks so big. She's so tiny."
Chelsey: "I actually really like this."
Jaimie: "Me too, though I do not like the creepy video behind her. She took Adam's advice well."
Chelsey: "Yup, and he knows it. Look at that smirk."
Jaimie: "She also seems confident. I'm happy. She really has an incredible voice."

Melanie kills the last note, and her smile lets us know that she is very pleased with herself, which is a pleasant contract to the tears we're used to seeing from her.

Carson tells us that the photos in the background are actually Melanie's photos! Talk about NOT being a one-trick pony up in here!

Jaimie: "I should've known. The butterflies."
Chelsey: "Oh now I feel bad. Except not."

Blake tells Melanie that "if there was one artist in this competition left that I wish I could work with, it's you." Christina goes total bitch mode, saying that Melanie needs to "find her comfort zone" when taking risks. Ugh. Cee Lo makes it all better when he says that the performance was "one of the coolest things that happened this season." We have to agree.

Jaimie: "Cee Lo is so genuine."
Chelsey: "I know. I love it."

Adam tells us that Melanie was really pushing for this song and he wasn't really on board, but he's very proud of her for staying strong and making it happen. "You really dazzled all of us," he tells the 17-year-old.

Cody "Bam Bam" Belew
"Crazy In Love," Beyonce
Team Cee Lo

The first of Cee Lo's three contestants performing this week is Cody Belew, who's greeted by fellow reality TV contestant and now Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson. "Ms. Hudson, this is a moment. I love it," Cody says to kick off the rehearsal.

He's performing Beyonce's "Crazy in Love," but "with a little Cody twist," he adds. Naturally.

Jaimie: "This is such a hard song."
Chelsey: "Yeah. I'm nervous."

As he rehearses all of his gestures and Codyisms, Cee Lo is cracking up and J. Hud seems stunned by his ridiculous amazingness and/or amazing ridiculousness, depending on your feelings.

"Cody's personality is so huge," J. Hud says, but tries to focus on his vocals. She suggests he go up a key and Cody seems game.

"I think it's gonna be a game changer," Cee Lo tells him at the end of rehearsals. "I think people are really going to enjoy seeing Cody Bam Bam Belew."

When the time comes for the live performance, Cody easily puts on the biggest show of the night -- he's wearing a single shoulder leather jacket with a helluvalotta fringe, heeled boots, a glove and some Danny Zukco hair with a whole love of "bam bam" on top of it all.

Chelsey: "His outfit. What is happening? I'm loving every second."
Jaimie: "He's on Team Cee Lo. This is what happens."
Chelsey: "Of course, chains and armor.

The song doesn't showcase Cody's vocals as well as his choices in earlier weeks, but it does prove that Cody can bring a performance level and showmanship quality to "The Voice" that no one else has this season, or in the previous two. Is he the first this season to have back-up dancers?

Jaimie: "WHERE IS DOMO?"

"Cody, you're awesome," an awestruck Adam says. "You see the sheer joy in what you do... You crack me up all the time ... I think we all smile and enjoy everything that you do up there." Looking back on Mr. Belew's take on "Jolene," Blake says, "I really enjoyed that. But I'm confused -- in a good way." Christina predictably tries to get her gay BFF on: "Cody -- worked it like a true diva. HAYYY!" Thankfully, it's time to move on to Cody's coadge Cee Lo. "I love you so much, dude. You're so cool, man," he says. "You're one of those artists that encourages people to be themselves."

Bryan Keith
"New York State of Mind," Billy Joel
Team Adam

Back in hell, I mean the Sprint Skybox, Cody gives us a little bam bam to which Milian responds, "You like that Terry?" Stop it.

Native New Yorker Bryan will be performing this New York pride song in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, to show people that he's proud of his city. He doesn't want his performance from last week to be his peak, and he wants to show people the honesty in his voice.

Jaimie: "Ugh. I think this is cheap."
Chelsey: "Yup. Also, why doesn't Adam have a helper?"
Jaimie: "I'd imagine it's because he was in NYC for SNL."
Chelsey: "Ooooh, true. Smarty pants."
Jaimie: "He was in a New York State of Mind, if you will."
Chelsey: "BOOM!"

Keith's performance is solid, but again, we get bored by him. He does sound good though, and I'm sure lots of people will eat this up.

Blake tells Bryan that his is becoming a "GOSH DANGIT really big fan" of Keith's. Christina says that the song was a perfect fit and that he's "really connecting with what [he's] singing." Cee Lo tells Bryan that he sings like a "man's man" and you need to have "a pair" to sing that song.

Adam tells Bryan that he has a "certain spirit that...lends itself to that song." He seconds Cee Lo's comment that you need to sing that song like a man and you "need to have a pair" to sing it.

Chelsey: "Is this slightly offensive? This whole 'sing it like a man' thing?"
Jaimie: "I was just going to say. At the risk of being a raging feminist...this is sexist."
Chelsey: "Yeah like if I were a feminist, I'd be pissed."

Chauvinism aside, Adam says that Bryan "kicked [the song's] booty."

Amanda Brown
"Stars," Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Team Adam

Amanda tells us that she left college to pursue music and her family was not all that supportive of this decision. She starts to cry as she explains that since being on the show, her father called to tell her that his jaw was on the floor and he couldn't pick it up. She wants to make her family proud.

Jaimie: "I haven't heard this song."
Chelsey: "It's on Sirius all the time. Not a fan."
Jaimie: "She's already done Grace Potter..."
Chelsey: "I guess she was totally into the hair extensions."
Jaimie: "It's cool that it's a gradient."

Amanda definitely gets emotional during the performance, and it works. She sounds good and she is definitely connecting to the song, but we're still bored by her.

Chelsey. "Meh, w/e Amanda Brown."

Blake tells Amanda that he didn't know the song but that Amanda's performance "is the way [he'd] want to be introduced to that song." Christina says that she also did not know the song but that it was a "very emotional performance which I appreciate."

Chelsey: "No one knows the song! Poor Grace Potter."
Jaimie: "Ooooh la la la la la la laaaaaaa"

Cee Lo calls Amanda his "favorite mistake" (again) and says that even if she wins the whole thing, he'll always feel like he discovered her. Not really comments on the performance, but at least we now know that Cee Lo has possession issues. Watch out, Lady!

Adam says that he knew they were taking a risk with this song because not many people know it, but that Amanda performed it beautifully. "We did our job," he tells her.

Nicholas David
"Lean on Me," Bill Withers
Team Cee Lo

"Making it to the Top 10 feels amazing," Nicholas says. He's very happy to see Jennifer there because he knows she can relate to him and the rest of "The Voice" contestants. "She came up the same way we're coming up now," he explains. "It's a wonderful example of what you can do when you stay true to your dreams."

"I love Nicholas. I think he's very original," J. Hud says as Nicholas practices the Bill Withers classic. "To me, he sings with his soul."

Nicholas realizes getting into the Top 10 is just the beginning. "I need to keep upping my game," he says before taking the stage.

When the performance begins, Nicholas is at the piano sporting some perfectly coiffed hair. So long, half pony!

Jaimie: "They definitely used product and/or a straightener on St. Nick tonight."
Chelsey: "Oh, 100 percent."

There's a choir behind him on stairs -- because this is heavenly -- that starts to descend on Nicholas as the performance goes on. He's feeling it because his leg starts to tap and shake all over the place.

It's a solid showing from St. Nick, but "Lean on Me" doesn't exactly allow him to use all of his talents in our opinions.

Jaimie: "I love this song. I really love it, but I wish he did something more challenging."
Chelsey: "I agree. It was awesome, but seemed too easy for him."

"You know how I knew you were feeling it?" Adam asks. "It was when you lost control of your left leg." Blake says this "might be the best episode of 'The Voice' we've ever had." (We agree, Dad.) "Watching you perform," he adds, "it's almost like you're watching a musical legend up there." XTeens tries to tone down Blake's very high compliments, but still recognizes his ability to connect. "That was so soothing for my soul," Christina says. "It was like chicken soup."

When it comes time for Coadge Cee Lo, things start to get emotional. "Let me tell you what I heard," he says. "I heard the voice of a generation. Let me tell you what I saw. I saw an immaculate, impassioned performance." But when it comes to "how it makes [him] feel," Cee Lo gets personal and opens up about losing his father and being raised by musicians like Bill Withers ... metaphorically speaking, of course. St. Nick hops off the stage to give his coadge and hug, but he's careful not to mess up his goldilocks.

Trevin Hunte
"Scream," Usher
Team Cee Lo

When Trevin tells Jennifer Hudson and his coadge Cee Lo that he wants to change it up this week, the experts try to let the 18-year-old Queens crooner down easily. J. Hud thinks he should avoid confusing people and Cee Lo seems hesitant for multiple reasons, but Trevin won't take no for an answer.

"I want to show I have a funner side to me," he explains. "America has forgotten that I'm 18 years old." They decide to trust Trevin's instincts and J. Hud tries to get him to open up a little. "Get in there," she says! "Celebrate."

"Cee Lo has put a lot of faith in me," Trevin says as rehearsals come to a close. "I don't plan on letting Cee Lo down."

It certainly feels like a whole new Trevin during his live performance. He's grooving, he has back-up dancers and he's working the crowd with more than just his voice -- there's a whole new personality shining through.

Jaimie: "Trevin and Cody have the same dancers."
Chelsey: "They can only afford so much."

Obviously "Scream" doesn't show off Trevin's skills like his previous song selections -- except for that one "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" -- but it does show off how much more light and fun Trevin can be.

"This wasn't my favorite," Adam admits, " But you could sing the dictionary, man -- it wouldn't matter." Shockingly, Christina begs to differ. "I think this was my favorite moment coming from you," she says. "I loved it, man. You were living." Coadge Cee Lo is glad he trusted Trevin and, based on the audience's reaction, it looks like it paid off. "Most importantly for me was to see you alive and young and free and happy, dude. And confident," Cee Lo adds.

We don't think Trevin has ever smiled so big.

Cassadee Pope
"Over You," Miranda Lambert
Team Blake

Cassadee will be singing this emotional song co-written by Blake and his wiiiiife Miranda Lambert. We learn that the song is actually about Blake's brother who passed away, and that it's the most emotional song he's ever written. Cassadee relates to the song by bringing up her great-grandpa who passed away when she was 9.

Jaimie: "Oh, this is sad."
Chelsey: "Great grandpa though? C'mon..."
Jaimie: "Yeah, I mean, they die when you're young. You're lucky you met him at all."
Chelsey: "Also, that was almost 15 years ago."

Once we get our bitch unsympathetic comments out, it's time for the performance. Cassadee, who is sporting a gown and pants (you know, it's all the rage), gets off to a breathy start, but really brings the house down by the end of it. And Blake looks on emotionally and adorably.

Jaimie: "Blake's face is so cute."
Chelsey: "Yes. Resting on his palm like a cherub."

Cassadee really connects with the song and the coadges seem incredibly impressed. At the end of the performance, Carson explains to us that everyone is teary eyed because it is an emotional song for Blake. Because I guess he thinks we all blacked out during the video package that immediately preceded this performance.

Christina tells Cassadee that she "sold it" and did a "wonderful job." She also tells her that she looks like a lotus flower.

Jaimie: "Oh Christina. Don't say lotus. It's not about you."
Chelsey: "It always is, Jaimie. When will you learn."

Cee Lo says that that was a big moment for everyone. Adam says that of all Cassadee's different performances, this one "seemed to suit [her] best." He can't believe it, but he would actually like to hear more country from her.

Coadge Blake explains (again) that this is the most important and personal song he's ever been involved with writing and that she made him "feel like I was hearing it for the first time." He tells us that we're looking at an artist. Definitely a big night for Cassadee!

Dez Deron
"Feeling Good," Michael Buble
Team Christina

Dez is unfortunately still in the competition and he's getting even more ridiculous. In his first rehearsal this week, he's excited to work with Ron Fair, who not only worked with XTeens, but also with the Black Eyed Peas, the Pussycat Dolls, Fergie and the list stops there -- though maybe it includes Will.i.am. and Nicole Scherzinger, but you know.

"Don't just sing the song with your mouth -- sing it with your attitude," Ron tells Dez. " He has the raw talent. The question is: Can he touch your heart?"

Dez is excited to be covering Buble because the first time he heard his music, he was inspired to learn more. In rehearsals, he sounds better than he ever has before, but we don't mention it since we're hoping it's just a fluke. "Christina put her faith in me so there's definitely added pressure," Dez says before going live. "I wanna stick around for her." This is just more disturbing fodder for a possible romance. Anyway ...

The performance is undeniably pretty impressive: Dez sounds good and he looks good, except for that part where he was punching and kicking the air. We just don't feel particularly connected to him and his performances, but we're in the minority apparently because the crowd is going insane.

Jaimie: "Why is he sounding good?"
Chelsey: "Like really good ... If he sounded like this all the time, I'd be a fan."

Cee Lo can barely get a word in over the screaming girls to say, "I loved it." Blake congratulates Dez and Christina "for figuring out where [Dez] fit[s] in musically ... I think we just saw it tonight."
Carson graciously allots Christina 30 seconds to deconstruct Dez's performance, which she chooses to spend begging the audience to vote for Dez and Sylvia. Too bad she missed out on the opportunity to explain why we should vote for them?

Who do you think will go home? Who do you hope goes home?

We checked the iTunes chart at 12 a.m. PT/3 a.m. ET and here's where things stood:
Cassadee Pope #1
Melanie Martinez #14
Amanda Brown #16
Nicholas David #19
Dez Deron #34
Terry McDermott #75
Bryan Keith #92
Sylvia Yacoub #142
Cody Belew #151
Trevin Hunte #155

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