The Waiting Game; When Everyone Else has Been Accepted

I've checked my applicant portal five times today, but nothing has changed. Offers of acceptance started coming out on Saturday and I've yet to hear anything from Ryerson University. As any teenager would do, I took to the internet to see who has been accepted already. That was a bad idea. It seems as though everyone (2 people) except me has already been accepted. I've since become preoccupied with checking my application status in what I call the "Waiting Game".

The Waiting Game is for two players - one the university official, who decides the fate of player 2's application. I am, unfortunately, Player 2, the powerless university applicant. Although only 3 days have gone by since Ryerson Journalism started sending out acceptances, the lack of response has made feel as though I have already lost the game to Player 1. Sure, I submitted my portfolio a week before the deadline and may have forgotten to submit my supplementary form until last week, but if at least two people have been accepted already then the only logical way of thinking would be to reason that all 127 spots have already been filled. At least, that's how my mind works.

It is the fact that there are only 127 spots available that concerns me. With Ryerson's Journalism program being in the top two in Canada they must have received thousands of applicants. That leaves me with a 10-20% chance of acceptance. After analyzing all of this for the one hundredth time since October, I promptly checked my Choose Ryerson portal. I know it won't be the last time tonight, even though it is well past the time of day for application updates.

So, where am I going with all this? That if you too are freaking out over the two people you know that have been accepted to the school you haven't been, you are not alone. You, I and hundreds of others are also playing the Waiting Game. We are all praying that Player 1 will succumb to our killer applications. Until that unpredicted time comes I am praying I win - praying hard. And that's saying a lot from an atheist

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