You have done everything you could to get into the school that you loved: completed each of the required visits, even though you have a full time job and about 10 other schools to tour, met with the admissions staff smiling obsessively, begged, pleaded and bribed your child to act perfect, attended every extra event the school provided, sent love letters, and EVEN refrained from yelling at your partner though he might have just accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on your iPhone minutes before ;)

And Now What??

There is nothing left to do but wait…and wait…and wait. It is the dreaded waiting time where nothing happens until the school contacts you with an acceptance, waitlist or rejection letter.

Here are some tips to get through this period and to make sure there are no last minute mistakes! Remember- no decision is final until the notifications are in the mail, so please do not mess up here.

-This is NOT the time to act desperate and think that one last phone call to the admissions staff is needed.

-It is NOT the time to wait outside the school so you can accidentally bump into the admissions director.

-This is absolutely NOT the time to inundate your head of school with emails, multiple office visits and phone calls to make sure they know what school you want- incase they might have forgotten.

- It is NOT the time to send flowers, candy, and invitations to your summerhouse to the on-going schools office just as an innocent thank you for all their hard work!

Listen- We Get It! This is the toughest time in the whole admissions process. It is a time when we as control-obsessed, accomplished parents and professionals have to accept that there is nothing more to do but wait or is there?

-This IS the time to think about your connections and ask them if there is anything else they might be willing to do to better your chances of acceptance at your chosen schools.

-This IS the time to think of a new connection that could make an appropriate phone call or send a short email on your behalf. After all, if a school is choosing between two equally qualified candidates, this could nudge them in your direction.

-This IS the time to really reflect on your top four schools and think about the positives of each, not just be consumed by your top choice!

The waiting period is tough. We know, but stay positive and upbeat. The process is almost over and hopefully you learned a lot by visiting many wonderful schools and came to realize that your child will be successful at not just one but also many of them.

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