A 'Walking Dead' Change Sets Up Surprising Romance

'Shippers unite!

Love is in the air — along with an incurable disease that turns everyone into zombies—but mostly, it’s love.

Carol and Morgan were back on “The Walking Dead” in Sunday’s episode to help introduce us to The Kingdom. Like Hilltop, The Kingdom is a community of survivors that is also forced to give supplies to the Saviors. Unlike Hilltop, however, their leader, King Ezekiel, has a freakin’ tiger. And apparently he’s got a thing for Carol.

To recap, the last time we saw Carol it was looking like she could die from some gunshot wounds, but nope. She’s back and better than ever, largely due to the efforts of The Kingdom and King Ezekiel. Carol basically laughs in Ezekiel’s face when he’s telling her about The Kingdom and plans to split. He later confronts her, convincing her to stay around the area. It’s a little unclear why he has so much interest in Carol until he shows up at her door at the end with the tiger.

Dude’s got a crush.

The most interesting thing about the potential future relationship is this was all set up by Rick and Michonne getting together. In the comics, Ezekiel and Michonne have a thing. But since she’s already taken, the show seems to be giving Ezekiel’s romantic storyline to Carol. Is she into it, though?

There wasn’t any fallout this week from the big events of the season premiere. We’ll likely get more on that in Episode 3. The big question now is: What’s Carol and King Ezekiel’s couple name? We like #CarolKing, but it looks like the winner might be #Ezecarol.

Even if Carol wasn’t into it, at least fans were:

#CarolKing for life, but we’re down with #Ezecarol.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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