'The Walking Dead' Confirms Fan Theory With Gut-Wrenching Death

"Walking Dead" fans called it.
Morgan is about to "Clear."
Morgan is about to "Clear."

“The Walking Dead” spoilers below.

We’ve Ben here before.

From actor Ethan Embry’s character, Carter, to Tyler James Williams’, Noah, “The Walking Dead” is constantly bringing in interesting people only to snatch them away too soon.

What are you gonna do, right? It’s the apocalypse.

The same thing happened with Benjamin (Logan Miller), aka Young Benjamin, on Sunday’s episode, “Bury Me Here.”

In the episode, Richard (Karl Makinen) makes sure the supply pickup for the Saviors is short. There are supposed to be 12 melons, but there are only 11. All hell breaks loose.

What the? Why?

Richard, who’s been a big advocate for the Kingdom to go to war against the Saviors, crafted a plan for the Saviors to kill him. He hopes this will be the catalyst to make King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) decide to fight. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned.

Instead of killing Richard, the Saviors shoot Young Benjamin.

(Aw, stuff it, Roose Bolton. This isn’t even your show! ... P.S. The North remembers.)

The event seemingly confirms a fan theory that Benjamin’s death would be the inciting incident to make Ezekiel and The Kingdom join the war against the Saviors.

Some have speculated that only a death as tragic as the loss of Ben could inspire Ezekiel to take action. What’s more, we saw Ben seemingly give a “death speech” to Ezekiel earlier in the season when the King is debating whether to join Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Alexandria to go to war. As YouTuber BrokenRobot3000 points out, a “death speech” is a “Walking Dead” trope where the show gives an endearing speech to a character right before killing them off. The moment further stressed Ben’s importance to Ezekiel and set the former up to die.

After Morgan (Lennie James) tells Carol (Melissa McBride) about the deaths of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun), she goes to Ezekiel and tells him it’s time to prepare to fight. He already knows.

Morgan loses it after Ben’s death and seems to revert back to his mindset in the Season 3 episode, “Clear.” Since arriving at the Kingdom, Morgan has taken Ben under his wing, and the death causes him to have flashbacks of Duane (Adrian Kali Turner), the son he lost.

Morgan discovers the missing melon and learns about Richard’s failed plan. Then Morgan ends up killing Richard with his bare hands in front of Ezekiel and the Saviors.

So much for all that peace training.

It looks like the old, non-pacifist Carol and Morgan are back, at least for now. And that means the Saviors are probably about to look at the flowers.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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