'The Walking Dead' May Be Putting Its Own Spin On COVID-19 Deniers

"We’re definitely taking an opportunity, our writers, to let the world inform the show," actor Lauren Cohan told Conan O'Brien.

A decade into the zombie apocalypse, you’d think people would get the situation by now. But apparently that may not be the case on “The Walking Dead.”

In a conversation with Conan O’Brien on Wednesday, “Walking Dead” star Lauren Cohan hinted that the show would be putting its own spin on the pandemic-denying politics of today.

After the late night comedian suggested bringing “modern politics” into the AMC show, specifically people who don’t believe the zombie virus is real — much like today’s COVID-19 deniers — Cohan’s eyes got big.

“I want to say that might kind of be the vibe this year,” the actor said. “Maybe not quite as explicitly, but we’re definitely taking an opportunity, our writers, to let the world inform the show.”

While real-world issues are often weaved into the series, “I feel like it’s an exciting year,” Cohan said. “We know we’re sending off the show, and a lot of people are watching.”

See the interview below at the 12:24 mark:

It’d make sense that the show would somehow address the coronavirus pandemic, considering it’s already changed everything behind the scenes.

In an interview with HuffPost published earlier this week, “Walking Dead” director David Boyd said he basically wore “a bag” on his head to make sure people around him were safe and comfortable while filming.

“All of those concerns dissipated pretty quickly” as people got into the swing of things, he said, later adding, “All of it is positive that came out of it.”

What’s decidedly not positive is still denying a zombie apocalypse 10 years in. So for anyone who needs to hear this, if you see a zombie, just please socially distance. It feels like that shouldn’t have to be said.

H/T “Conan,” Comicbook.com

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