'The Walking Dead' Leaves Everyone In Shock After Daryl Gets Shot

That didn't just happen.

Get your riot gear ready, Daryl Dixon fans.

(Warning! "Walking Dead" spoilers!)

"The Walking Dead" didn't hold anything back in its penultimate Season 6 episode, "East." After leaving Alexandria, Carol ran into the Saviors. She took a bunch of them out, but Rick and Morgan go looking for her and now her whereabouts are unknown. Maggie got a haircut, which finally explains the one Lauren Cohan has, but then she went to the floor in pain. (The baby isn't coming already, is it?)

The most intense moments come when Daryl leaves Alexandria to go after the Saviors. Glenn, Michonne and Rosita catch up to him but can't convince him to come back. Rosita decides to go with Daryl. Later, Glenn and Michonne get captured by Saviors. Then, after trying to sneak up and save them, Daryl and Rosita are also caught. Dwight, the Savior who killed Denise, shoots Daryl, blood splatters on the screen and it goes black. Dwight is heard saying, "You'll be all right."

And then the entire Internet freaked out.

Daryl is theorized to take Glenn's place from the comics and be new villain Negan's big victim in the season finale. But now, who knows if he'll even last long enough to see Negan's debut? The group is being held by the Saviors and, even if Daryl was back at Alexandria, Denise just died. Daryl's been shot and Alexandria just lost its new doctor.

The possible death of Daryl is just the beginning. Remember that Glenn, Michonne and Rosita are also on the chopping block for when Negan makes his appearance.

The fan mantra up to this point has been, "If Daryl dies, we riot." Here's hoping it doesn't come to that.

Coming up with new mantras is tough.

"The Walking Dead" Season 6 finale airs Sunday, April 3, at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.



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