'The Walking Dead' Finally Reveals Judith's Real Father

Whoa baby.

(Alert: “The Walking Dead” spoilers ahead!)

Sorry, Negan. If anyone took us to pee-pee pants city this week, it was baby Judith, and it’s not because she probably has pee-pee-pants herself.

Sure, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors completely destroyed Alexandria’s spirits this week. They took all the guns, they threatened lives, they burned mattresses and Negan basically crushed the last bit of resistance Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) had left. But who cares about that? “The Walking Dead” quietly had one of its biggest reveals ever.

Rick Grimes, in the case of Baby Judith, you are NOT the father!

Even Maury is shocked!

Let’s dissect this: Judith’s biological father has been a mystery since forever. We know Rick’s wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), did a little hanky-panky with Shane (Jon Bernthal) while Rick wasn’t around. Many fans believed Judith wasn’t Rick’s. Even Bernthal himself said he thought Judith was “100% Shane’s baby.”

Well, Rick Grimes agrees.

Rick makes the reveal to Michonne (Danai Gurira). In order to convince Michonne why it’s important to play by the Saviors’ rules and survive, Grimes tells her about Shane and Lori “doing it” and how he had to learn to accept that.

“I know Judith isn’t mine,” said Rick. “I know it. I love her. She’s my daughter, but she isn’t mine. I had to accept that. I did so I could keep her alive. I’ll die before she does, and I hope that’s a long time from now so I can raise her, protect her and teach her how to survive. This is how we live now. I had to accept that too so I could keep everyone else alive.”

Thus, one of most popular unanswered “Walking Dead” mysteries is now solved. Shane is Judith’s father.

Let the freakouts begin ...

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