'The Walking Dead' Might've Just Confirmed That Character's Death

The show's latest big reveal is pretty telling.

(Warning! Spoilers!)

Like we already guessed, Rick was the one yelling to open the gate in last Sunday's episode, "Here's Not Here." After he barely makes it back to Alexandria in front of a herd of walkers, Season 6, Episode 5, "Now," explores the aftermath of the attack from the Wolves and seems to confirm that one thing we've been dreading.

In the episode, Alexandria is now completely surrounded by walkers, Carl and Ron get into one of the most pathetic fights ever, Rick and Jessie decide it's a great time to make out and Maggie and Aaron attempt to go out looking for Glenn. They don't get too far. The biggest moment comes when Maggie reveals something we've all suspected: She's pregnant.

"Walking Dead" already hinted at Maggie's pregnancy in the Season 6 premiere when Glenn didn't want her going out with the group. It seems like great news, but it actually reveals a sobering fact:

Glenn is so dead.

The pregnancy storyline as well as the walkers swarming Alexandria put the show on track with creator Robert Kirkman's original stories. Unfortunately, shortly after learning about Maggie's pregnancy in the comics, Glenn dies. In the comic, he ends up getting his head bashed in with a baseball bat at the hands of the villain Negan, not getting his guts ripped out near a dumpster, but same difference, right?

In addition to the pregnancy and the show leaving Glenn actor Steven Yeun's name out of the titles again, at the beginning of Sunday's episode, Michonne tells Maggie that Glenn was supposed to send a sign if he was okay, and he has that flare gun, yet nothing. Norman Reedus also seemed to spoil Yeun's death before the season in an interview with MTV, saying Glenn was a dead character he'd like to bring back to the show. Reedus was then corrected by his shocked cast mates.

It's already been a couple weeks since Glenn apparently died in "Thank You." The wait is reminiscent of another time "Walking Dead" had us wondering about a character's fate. That was Carol's daughter Sophia in Season 2, and we all know how that turned out.

(Just walk it off, Sophia. You'll be good.)

In a recent interview, "Walking Dead" producer Greg Nicotero said, "It's probably not the last time we'll visit that dumpster scene." So it appears we should find out soon if Glenn somehow makes it out of there or not, but, despite evidence he could've survived, it seems pretty ominous.

Even if Glenn does somehow make it out alive, his comic book killer Negan is rumored to have just been cast, so his return probably wouldn't be that long anyway.

With the end looming, it appears there's just one thing left to say to Steven Yeun:

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"The Walking Dead" airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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