'The Walking Dead' Returns: Grim Times In 'The Suicide King' (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

EXCLUSIVE: Grim 'Walking Dead' Photos

"The Walking Dead" returns on Sunday, Feb. 10 and the stakes have never been higher for Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his merry band of zombie apocalypse survivors.

After the bloody midseason finale, the Governor (David Morrissey) is determined to take control of the prison Rick and Co. call home. In the midseason premiere, titled "The Suicide King," Rick tries to rescue one of his own while Woodbury tries to recover from the attack staged by Rick, Michonne, Daryl and the prison team. Plus, the new prison guests start to raise concerns.

Take a look at some exclusive photos below, which include Merle's bloody stump, Rick holding a big gun, and Andrea in Woodbury.

"The Sorrowful Life"

The Walking Dead Season 3

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