<i>The Walking Dead</i>: Rick and Michonne's Organic Progression, and more

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Season 6 episode 10, titled, "The Next World," of The Walking Dead has it all. Touch of humor, touch of drama, and a Rick and Michonne romance that had some fans who've probably voiced, "About damn time!"

Two months after Alexandria was saved from walkers by a community effort, the opening scene shows Rick getting dressed before going out on a supply run. Michonne, dressed in a terry robe and hair towel wrap after a shower, chats with Rick (Andrew Lincoln). As she also talks to Carl (Chandler Riggs), we see baby Judith is bigger. Before Rick leaves after he's asked to get toothpaste, Michonne (Danai Gurira) says, "Oh, spearmint and baking soda. That's my favorite." Rick is seen at peace now having his own private family, a family of four.

Before meeting Rick for a supply run, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Denise goes over her request list. She clarifies any confusion Daryl may have from her line separating the important from the unimportant, also requesting soda for Tara. Thinking it would be a thoughtful gift for Tara (Alanna Masterson) before she goes on a two week run with Heath (Corey Hawkins). "Just uh, don't go out of your way," Denise (Merritt Wever) says. Daryl assures her he won't. "Okay, good, cause it's not important. I should've said so instead of just drawing a line," she says. "Got it," says Daryl. Eugene was next.

With Daryl in the front passenger seat of the car, Eugene is by the open front window briefing Daryl about some agricultural supply places he had mapped out. Furthermore, he tells Daryl if he finds most supplies gone, sorghum may be untouched. "Now that there is a criminally underrated grain that could change the game with our food situation from scary to hunky-dunky. I'm talking sustainability, drought tolerance, and grain to stover ratio that is the envy of all corns. Think about it," says Eugene (Josh McDermitt). "Thanks," says Daryl, looking flummoxed.

Eugene proves his smarts once again. A cereal grain, it's well mentioned that sorghum ranks as fifth among the most important cereal crops in the world, with many beneficial nutrients. There's also an excellent informative October 29, 2014 Huffpost article by Julie R. Thomson, titled, "What is Sorghum? And Why Is The South So Obsessed With It?" The opening scenes brilliantly captures the normalcy of the needs and wants among members of the fortified Alexandrian community. Needs and wants Michonne, Denise, and Eugene do not take for granted as well as the others during an apocalypse. Though also providing lightheartedness, as the three catch Rick and Daryl as if both are about to drive to a nearby Publix or Kroger's. After all's been said, a Chrysler 300 is seen driving out of the gate.

From then on all the scenes involving Rick and Daryl are like watching a Coen brother's film. "Today's the day," says Rick with a smile while driving. "Uh-huh," replies Daryl. "We're gonna find food, maybe some people. The law of averages has gotta catch up," says Rick optimistically. Whereas Daryl responds that they haven't found anyone in weeks, thinking that's a good thing.

Rick then pops in a CD, disregarding Daryl's pleas, "Don't, don't, please don't." From there on, Daryl bears through listening to rockabilly artist Ronnie Dawson, song titled, "Action Packed," as Rick drives in a state of bliss. Who says you can't have enjoyment in an apocalypse.

While speeding down a road, the Chrysler 300 backs up, then takes a turn at an intersection towards an agricultural site on Eugene's map. And then, viola! The car arrives at a barn marked with capital lettering so huge as if it's from a Looney Tunes cartoon, boldly saying, SORGHUM.

It gets better. Once inside the barn, the two stalwart heroes discover a truck inside, which upon opening, contained a motherlode of supplies. Christmas came way early. "Well, how about that? The law of averages," says Rick. "Yep," Daryl agrees. "Let's get this thing going, grab our gear, come back for the car later," Rick says softly.

Meanwhile, while standing guard at the wall, Michonne spots Spencer (Austin Nichols) in the woods carrying a shovel. She climbs down to follow. Later, Spencer sees Michonne, who insists on coming with him, being protective. Carl and Enid (Katelyn Nacon) are also in the woods, both spending time reading. Both hear a noise before Carl sees Michonne and Spencer. The two teens later see a walker, and as Carl tries to lure it, Enid tries to kill it. She's stopped, as Carl later says, "You wouldn't understand," after hearing her disapproval, and tells her to go home.

Soon after, Michonne and Spencer sees Carl in a steady run leading a walker. Spencer slowly takes out his knife after both recognize it as Deanna, formerly both his mother and leader of the fortified Alexandria community. After he stabs it in the head, followed by a burial, Spencer then mentions that he now has no family. To which Michonne reassures, "You've still got family, and you've still got a home." Family, one of the most consistent themes voiced in The Walking Dead.

Following that, Michonne berates Carl. Seeing what she saw as recklessness, Carl explains his intent was to lure the Deanna walker to Spencer to be killed, and finishes, saying, "Because it should be someone who loved her, someone who's family, and I'd do it for you." Michonne couldn't dare say anything after that. And the two hug. In an apocalypse, family is all you've got.

Meanwhile Rick and Daryl meet a clean looking guy named Paul Rovia (Tom Payne), who also mentions friends had nicknamed him Jesus, while at a gas station. After an abrupt start, it goes amiable, yet it's a planned diversion by using firecrackers as Jesus steals the truck. Which causes Rick and Daryl to chase the tracks on foot. Catching up to Jesus, who though doing fluid kung-fu moves on Rick and Daryl, does eventually get tied up and left of the road.

Yet later, while Rick drives the truck, both he and Daryl hear a sound. "I think that son of a bitch is on the roof!" says Daryl. "Hold on," Rick says, who abruptly stops the truck in a field, sending Jesus flying ahead. Now incensed, Daryl gives chase as Rick steps out to kill walkers. Jesus then makes it back to the truck with Daryl close behind. Seeing a walker behind Daryl, Jesus tells him to duck, who saves Daryl's life by shooting the walker. Yet during their fight in the truck, a gear accidentally shifts, causing the truck to back into a pond, submerged. Jesus gets knocked unconscious, and Rick drives a minivan with Daryl in the backseat next to Jesus.

Arriving at night at Alexandria, the unconscious Jesus is dropped off at Denise and Tara's home, waking them both. Daryl stays to watch over Jesus as Rick heads home and enjoys time with Michonne. The two fall asleep after making love, until Jesus appears at the foot of the bed. "Rick, wake up," Jesus says calmly. While Michonne instinctively reaches for her katana, Rick reaches for his Colt Python as both leap from the bed naked. Then Jesus says, "We should talk."

On Talking Dead with host Chris Hardwick, actress Danai Gurira explains about the new romance storyline. Looking svelte, chic and radiant in a mostly white outfit, the actress basically explains that it all progressed organically over time. Though one comment made online about the episode by a viewer, thought that it all seemed forced. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Of the women who've been in Rick's life, it's Michonne who gets Rick. A scene in the season 4 finale, titled, "A," is a great example, as Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Carl are all walking by the railroad tracks. "You okay?" Rick asks Michonne quietly. "Yeah," she replies softly. "I'm okay," Rick adds. "I know," Michonne reassures. "How?" Rick asks. "Cause I'm okay too," she replies. For the previous night, Rick, Michonne, and Carl, while reunited with Daryl, had all met Joe and his men, whom all five were killed. The two are compatible. Season 6 episode 10 again has it all.

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