'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Trailer Is Here To Make You 'S**t' Your Pants

And so is an "all-out war."

Like Negan says, we hope you got your “shitting’” pants on.

The battle between Negan and Rick’s forces in the Season 7 finale had a freakin’ tiger in it, so it was grrreat! But we were promised an “all-out war” in “The Walking Dead.” Now it appears we’ll finally get one. 

The new trailer, which was released at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, was a highlight reel of all your favorite characters. Daryl was making things explode, Negan was dropping great one-liners and Rick was making motivational speeches, saying his side has already won.

Other teasers for the season show a confident-looking Rick, which is not good news for Negan. 

The new season will kick off Oct. 22. All we can say is Negan’s gonna feel stupid when he finds out ...

Finds out what???



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