It Seems 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Trailer Just Trolled Everyone

Is "The Walking Dead" all a dream?

We’ve all been Rick (Grimes) rolled.

“The Walking Dead” Season 8 trailer made people freak out with a bizarre scene that seems to hint at the worst theory ever: that everything is just Rick’s coma dream.

You may have heard by now that some fans have suggested Rick Grimes never actually woke up in the hospital at the beginning of “The Walking Dead.” They think he’s still there in a coma and everything that happens is just part of his dream.

Despite creator Robert Kirkman shooting this theory down, in the Season 8 trailer we see a shot of an older-looking Rick Grimes waking up in a bed very similarly to how he supposedly woke up when the show began.

Episode 1: “Days Gone Bye”

Season 8 Trailer

There’s even a shot of flowers, which Rick has near his bed in Episode 1, too.

And people could not handle it.

So is it all in his head?

Nah. The show just wants us to think so.

After Rick’s war with his nemesis Negan, there’s a time jump in the comics. That’s probably what we’re seeing here.

As a tip off, there’s also a shot of a cane before we see Rick in bed. points out that Rick’s leg is broken during the conflict with Negan in the comics. A cane would probably come in handy for that.

So everyone losing it over the scene, don’t worry about “Walking Dead” being in Rick’s head. AMC is likely just messing with us.

This scene is either a time jump similar to the one in the comics or perhaps it’s a hallucination since it has a glowy look to it. Or maybe it was Tim Allen who fell off a roof and now Rick Grimes is the new Santa Claus, which would explain the beard.

We’ll find out sometime after Season 8 premieres on Oct. 22 because we’re never gonna give you up, “Walking Dead.” We’re never gonna let you down.

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