The Wall: 20 Years After Berlin

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"The night of Nov. 9... was the fulfillment of a dream." German Chancellor Angela Merkel

today concrete stretches into sky,

twenty-six feet high. drab slabs

cut into four hundred and thirty-six

miles of country. dominos to block

the sun. an accordion of cement,

strung like a clothes line, wheezing

a deep, lone note.

today in al-Ma'sara children

grab barbwire with bare hands. march

toward a wall soldiers protect with guns.

soldiers push the children back,

bloody their hands on barbwire.

today armed men push children in the holy land.

today in Berlin, people celebrate.

politicians give speeches. the east and west

battle to tell the story in the light

that most suits them. regardless

how it is spun, people demanded

the wall fall.

twenty years later, more walls.

nations erect walls to keep people out.

walls are static, ugly and stupid.

people are resilient, fluid and numerous.

people break walls.

The Court in The Hague said the wall

is illegal. the wall is Israel's myopia.

america's revisionism. the wall bulldozes

hundreds of Palestinian homes

in a shrinking, stolen land.

today in Qalandiya, protestors

tore one slat of wall down,

twenty years to the day the wall

in Berlin fell.

today Palestinians wear neon yellow

shirts, black block letters across their chest


coming thru jidar al fasal al unsari!

coming thru the wall of apartheid!

coming to the city of peace!

as long as the wall exists

the city will have no name!

sons and daughters of the city

coming to reclaim the name!

walls fall like dominos.

the earth moves and people

demand the freedom to move

as the earth does; the freedom

to see cousins, to buy olives,

to visit hospitals. walls fall

or get ripped down or knocked

over. people walk thru walls

like superheroes.

today the state of Israel builds a wall.

today a piece of the wall was toppled down.

today the people of Palestine and today the people

everywhere dream of peace, dream no walls,

dream of the day the wall will

come down, piece by piece.