The Wall We Need

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America is already protected by walls. The Bill of Rights is a tall wall protecting Americans from our government. These amendments to the Constitution prohibit our government from shutting you up, attacking your religion, putting you in jail without a jury trial, torturing you, taking away your guns, invading your home without a warrant, taking your property for profit.

These rights are strong when they defend everybody, including people you hate. Because when the government can shut down others, you are next.

That's why government has always stirred up fear, against anarchists, socialists, communists, pot smokers, foreigners, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims. Makes it easier for government --whether Democrat or Republican --to weaken your rights. Because when you're weaker the corporations and bankers can foreclose your homes, export your jobs, raise insurance premiums, take your guns, or cancel your liberties. The first wall we need is around Wall Street.