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'The Waltons' Reunion: Cast Coming Together For 40th Anniversary

"The Waltons" family reunion is happening. According to TV Guide Magazine, the surviving cast of "The Waltons" will reunite on Sat. Sept. 29 at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles.

Michael Learned, better known as Olivia Walton to viewers, told TV Guide Magazine she thinks the series was "a blessing."

"I know that sounds corny, but I believe some things are gifts from God," she said. "I think [creator] Earl Hamner's heart permeated into the show. We all loved each other and still do. We were very lucky. I can't think of anybody who isn't grateful for being part of it. We really were a loving family and I think that came through the screen."

"The Waltons" aired from 1971-1981 on CBS and was set during the Great Depression. After the series ended, the cast reunited for several TV movies, the last one -- "A Walton Easter" -- aired in 1997. A portion of the cast reunited on NBC's "Today" in December 2011.

What would the family be up to now? "Well, we started in the 1930s, so it would be the '70s," Learned told TV Guide Magazine. "It would be the hippie times. God save us. Grandpa would be growing marijuana and everyone would be smoking it."

The upcoming reunion event, "The Waltons 40th Anniversary: Celebrating Family & Education," is a fundraiser for Environmental Charter Middle School. Kami Cotler, better known to viewers as Elizabeth Walton, is the principal of Environmental Charter.

For more from Michael Learned on reuniting with "The Waltons" cast, click over to TV Guide Magazine.

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