'The Waltons' Cast Reunites On 'GMA' (VIDEO)

The cast of "The Waltons" reunited and reminisced about the classic show with “Good Morning America” on Friday, more than three decades after the series ended in 1981.

The cast discussed some of the show's memorable and controversial episodes, including episodes that dealt with segregation and book burning. But no episode was more emotional than when the Waltons' house burned down.

”We all stood out in the yard and watched the house burn and sobbed. There was no acting,” Norton Taylor remembered.

Ralph Waite, who played John, Sr. on the show, said the show reminded him what it meant to be a father and a husband. He quit drinking just a few months after the show started. "Somehow by doing this part, it reawakened my need for, and my responsibility for my family and my children," Waite told INSP.

“GMA” jumped into interview the cast while they were at a reunion photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly.

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