The Wanted Covers Ne-Yo's 'Let Me Love You': Boy Band Releases Acoustic Rendition (WATCH)

Original Song: Ne-Yo's R&B hit "Let Me Love You"

Cover Artist: British boy band The Wanted

How It's Different: The Wanted takes on Ne-Yo's chart-topping R&B club hit with a piano-accompanied acoustic jam sesh.

Why We Love It: If the original ballad wasn't swoon-worthy enough already, The Wanted takes it a step further with a heartfelt rendition that's pretty much guaranteed to turn their entire female fanbase to mush.

Better than the Original? The Wanted can't quite match Ne-Yo in terms of smooth vocals and killer dance moves -- but we still loved seeing the guys' softer side!

Do you like The Wanted's acoustic version of "Let Me Love You"? Or do you prefer Ne-Yo's original? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!