'The Wanted Life': Band Throws A Party At Their House For Their Most Devoted Fans (VIDEO)

Some fans got a pretty exciting prize on "The Wanted Life." The band invited some of their most loyal devotees back to their house for a party. It was a way to show gratitude for their support. For one fan, though, that wasn't all. She won an additional prize at random.

Her prize was known as Seven Minutes in Heaven. She got to spend that long with her favorite member of the band. The fan chose Jay McGuiness.

It didn't turn out quite as she might have expected, though.

“I get to leave my hat on, right?" Jay could be heard saying before it was revealed what was going on. "You wan to help me out? You’re gonna have to give me encouragement.”

It turns out Jay was on a treadmill while the fan was coaching him to push himself to the limit. The show's home network said that things got "hot and heavy" between the two. They must have been referring to the fact that Jay was sweating.

See what unorthodox things the band members get up to next on "The Wanted Life," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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