The Warriors Get Completely Roasted In This 'Game Of Thrones' Parody

Buckets are coming ...

To paraphrase Tyrion on "Game of Thrones," everything's better with a little wine (and gold) in the belly (even getting spoofed in front of all your teammates).

After taking down the Cavs in the NBA Championship, the Golden State Warriors know the other teams in the kingdom are all coming for their title. But there can be only one who sits on the NBA's Iron Throne, and coach Steve Kerr hopes a new "Game of Thrones" parody will help his players continue their reign.

Bleacher Report's online shorts, "Game of Zones," show fans what it's like when the worlds of "GoT" and the NBA combine, and to help inspire his team for training camp, Kerr asked for a special, custom episode.

The parody reportedly features a lot of inside jokes from the Warriors, but you don't need to be on the team to enjoy things like Steph Curry petting his daughter and Brandon Rush talking in a high-pitched voice.

"Get what you neeeed," Dub Nation, and check out the players' reactions to the video, too:

All men must die of laughter.


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