Female-Led Charity Creates Water Filters That Last 10 Years For Poor Communities

And you can contribute too.

Women in the developing world often bear the brunt of the world water crisis

They are frequently the ones who are tasked with collecting water for their families. In some situations, women have to walk miles, carry heavy containers and wait long hours to obtain the basic necessity. The all-consuming task leaves women, and increasingly, young girls, little time for other important things like education. 

To combat this cycle, women from around the world are coming together through -- a new initiative -- to help empower women to be providers for both their families and themselves. Headed by Spryte Loriano and Jane Brinton, the project aims to "unify women, water and wisdom," by delivering filters lasting some 10 years to impoverished communities. 

Click the video to learn more about their mission and how you can get involved.



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