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The Way of the Buddha

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I enjoy nature so I take long walks by the ocean, sometimes in my neighborhood. And I often wonder how the trees and the flowers -- how these simple organisms are capable of spoiling us with such enormous amount of light -- beauty. Suddenly, as I indulge in the softness of their petals and the brightness of their colors, the "I" catches itself. I realize that my mind is attempting to construct some kind of an explanation by assuming the flower has the ability to act by giving. But, the flower doesn't do -- the flower doesn't think -- it just exists. They expect nothing in return -- so I suspect. And yet it seems to me that the more the flowers give, the more they blossom. This is the way of the Buddha.

I have spent hours analyzing and questioning: What holds us back from being like the flower? So the "I" wonders... To be touched, to be seen, to be acknowledged and to give simply for the joy of giving?

To be human is to have a mind -- and with this mind we are to strive to be a Buddha. This is the hardest task. Because with the same mind we are to acknowledge that we will only reach so far up the mountain then, inevitably, our world will go dark. And knowing this we must continue to strive forward! And make our existence on this planet compelling enough to sit in silence every day and let our minds be filled with the beauty that permeates our surroundings. It is all beauty! Now you will see that when you nurture the mind -- the body and spirit will follow. This is the way of the Buddha.

No, we never reach the top. On our way up we stumble and while falling, like in slow motion, we see the rough texture of the stones, the softness of the green grass and the clarity of the river down below. We are not here to survive; we are here to attain now-ness! This is the way of the Buddha. So the "I" thinks...