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The Way of the Cancer Warrior

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There is no question that cancer sucks. When diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness, our society is often quick to refer to battle terminology; we go to war. Some accept and appreciate the analogy; others despise it. But if we are going to go to war with cancer, why not have some positive reinforcement?

Nate Miyaki, a fitness author, athlete, educator and the son of a heroic man who lost his battle with cancer, thinks cancer sucks too. Miyaki's new book, The Way of the Cancer Warrior, is how he is fighting back.

The Way of the Cancer Warrior applies martial arts strategies, sports psychology principles and warrior philosophy to the battle against cancer. Each section starts with a few motivational quotes and is followed by practical application guidelines. It is a resource meant to help patients, healthcare professionals, caretakers, family members and friends collectively fight back against the greatest enemy this life has to offer.

The challenges a cancer warrior must face are limitless: intense symptoms and side effects outside of your own control; the frustrating see-saw of good and bad days; alternating hope and optimism with doubt and despair; feeling so sick that giving up sounds like your only true option; the fear of dying and what's next; the fear of living but no longer being anything like you were before your treatment; worrying about what will happen to your family when you are gone.

All of that building up inside can either cripple you or can be used to crush your enemy. Somehow, you must find a way to take all of that fear, doubt and frustration, convert it into positive energy and action and unleash it against your opponent. This book will help you accomplish that task.

The 4th quarter, the 9th inning, the last round, the last shot, the final 100 meters; it is mental strength that separates the champions, heroes and legends from the rest of the pack. The same is true in the cancer battle. The body will do whatever the mind tells it to do regardless of the obstacles, regardless of the odds.

The strategies in this book will help you persevere through the tough times. They will remind you of your end goal and what you are sacrificing for. They will keep your mind strong, where a weaker mortal's would surely crumble and break. Most importantly, they will help you find the motivation, discipline and warrior spirit to help you carry on.