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Life is timing. How do we live it? What choices do we make? Do we step into the unknown or play it safe and never leave our comfort zone? What is safe? What is courage? Do we stay true to ourselves or get sidetracked, detoured and spend time finding the way back. Where is back? Where are we supposed to be? If you have pondered any of these questions or similar ones, felt out of sorts, wondered if you are walking through life and something is missing, then THE WAYSHOWER is a film for you.

If the stars align John-Roger and Jsu Garcia's opus, THE WAYSHOWER will be the blockbuster movie it should be. When I found a shiny dime after a screening I knew the timing was perfect for me. Yes there are fine performances by a Henry Fonda'ish Eric Roberts and Hannibal Lecter like Peter Stormare alongside ATLAS SHRUGGED star, Everyman Jsu Garcia. Yes there are exotic locales both international like the Saharan desert and Machu Picchu and national like the wonders of the great state of Utah. The thrill of this film however is for those of us who have ever wrestled with guilt, wondered why we did or do certain things, or driven ourselves crazy trying to figure out exactly who we are. THE WAYSHOWER gives us answers as it follows Jsu Garcia's quest to rid himself of guilt, find his purpose, his meaning along with that of his mentor or 'wayshower' John-Roger.

What exactly is a 'wayshower'? Wayshower simply means: someone who shows you the way. What way? The right way, the way that counts that resonates in your heart not your bankbook or your scorecard, in other words, the Godly way when maybe you are not too sure which way that is. A favorite book of mine when I was a child was about Tootles, a train that couldn't stay on the track. A 'wayshower' shows you how to stay on track. It can be anybody.

When I met John-Roger, Peter Gabriel's SOLSBURY HILL lyrics reverberated in my mind: "turning water into wine", "my friends would think I was a nut"- I knew John-Roger long before we came together face to face in Hollywood. Spiritual, metaphysical experiences while common in my life, as I am sure they are in others, nonetheless always leave me freaked out and my meeting John-Roger was as freaked out as I thought it was going to get. Little did I know it was just the beginning.

I always had an inner voice, a conscience, a label it whatever you wish, inner knowing. That I ignored it is clear. Recognizing this voice in the flesh wasn't comforting. I was scared shitless. How could I, New York City born and bred, raised in The Bronx, have a connection with a man from the boondocks of Utah, but there it was. I devoured everything, anything John-Roger wrote, listened to seminars, read everything about him in my own search to explain this connection, burning through damning news articles, looking for a mansion in the hills he purportedly lived in, shocked it too was a lie, his house looks much like mine, no mansion for sure. When I read the introduction to one of his books, SPIRITUAL WARRIOR, his answer to the adversity, lies and challenges he faced it was a great example for me in my own writing. SPIRITUAL WARRIOR was dramatized in one of Jsu Garcia and John-Roger's first collaborations, the film SPIRITUAL WARRIORS.

The serendipity of Jsu Garcia and John-Roger's relationship, the actor, cum writer, producer, director and his 'wayshower' teaming up to enlighten and entertain, bring joy to the world in a message of love akin to that of Jesus Christ, an unconditional love for everyone, is especially heartwarming to me as Jsu Garcia became my friend over twenty years ago. No coincidence this seed would years later grow to fruition in the form of John-Roger.

So if life is a classroom and we are all here to learn, then John-Roger and Jsu Garcia's THE WAYSHOWER is a wonderful guide. I learned HOME with John-Roger is HOME with every living thing on this planet: people in faraway places, random faces at an airport, rats in my attic, dogs in the street, EVERYONE. I realized we are all ONE and in finding John-Roger, found myself much like Jsu Garcia's character in THE WAYSHOWER does. The phrase -- home is in your heart, epitomized by countless singers, writers, movies, I realized is truth. If some think maybe I have lost my mind so be it. Truth be told I have gained my heart.

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