The Webby Awards Are Only Giving Us 5 Words...Help!

Tomorrow night in New York, the Huffington Post will receive two Webby Awards for Best Political Blog -- one chosen by the Webby judges and one by the public. (Thanks to all who voted for HuffPost.)

Others taking home Webbys on Tuesday include Apple (Best Use of Video), Flickr (Best Community site), Peace Corps (Best Government site), and (Best Weird site). In addition, Will.i.Am is being honored as Webby Artist of the Year and Stephen Colbert as Webby Person of the Year.

One of the fun quirks of the Webbys is that award winners only get five words for their acceptance speeches. Last time we won, mine was: "Darlings, make blogs, not war."

Other 5 worders have included: Al Gore: "Please don't recount this vote"; Prince: "Everything you think is true"; PostSecret: "I know all your secrets"; and Wikitravel: "No longer a lonely planet."

I'm trying to decide what our five words should be this time -- and I'd love to get your input. Below are some suggestions we've gotten (many from the delightfully deranged minds at 23/6). Give them a read and let me know which you like best. Or offer up a few options of your own in the comments section (if I end up using yours, you'll get an autographed copy of Right Is Wrong).

"Obama-McCain? Ready, set, blog."

"We won the popular vote."

"Thank you Webby super delegates."

"Regime change begins on homepage."

"Ready to blog, Day One."

"Blogs like angry white voters."

"Iraq is John McCain's Viagra."

"Didn't Jesse Jackson win this?"

"Non-faulty intelligence in real time."

"First Amendment, alive and well."

"Patriotism is speaking the truth."

"Fuck it....Do it live!"

"Passion is the new despair."

"This rule seems really arbitrary."

"Brevity is the soul of..."

"It's good to be pinged."

"We thinks it's the links."

"We blog, therefore we are."

"Afflicting the comfortable, blog style."

"Five words? Five words?!! FIVE?!!"

"You can make a difference."

"Does this come with money?"

"Bill O'Reilly needs our help."

"Thanks especially George Bush, Dick"

"Powered by outrage, passion, and humor."

"The revolution will be blogged!"

"Thought this was the Peabody."

"I'm so totally Twittering this."