The Webbys: What I Saw, What I Said

Lots of memorable moments at this year's Webby Awards. It was great having some of our HuffPost Politics team -- including Nico Pitney, Rachel Weiner, Sam Stein, Ryan Grim, and Arthur Delaney -- make the trip up from DC to celebrate our wins as Best Politics Site (chosen by the Webby judges) and Best Political Blog (chosen by the public -- thanks to all who voted for us; and a major shout out to Webby honcho Neil Vogel for taking care of us -- as always).

I particularly enjoyed the way the organizers of the event paired people from the new media with people from the traditional media -- concluding with Martha Stewart presenting the Breakout of the Year award to Twitter cofounder Biz Stone (his five word acceptance speech: "Creativity is a renewable resource"), and Charlie Rose presenting the Lifetime Achievement award to World Wide Web founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee ("Free. Open. Keep one Web."). Host Seth Meyers, who was hilarious, had some fun with the dynamic, saying that he loves it "when old media praises new media. It's like when the old guy praises the tennis pro his wife is fucking."

As for my five-word speech, while we liked a lot of the ones you submitted, I ended up going with one suggested by HuffPost's editor Roy Sekoff and our media editor Danny Shea: "I didn't kill newspapers...okay?"

Other finalists included Sekoff and Shea's "Bernie Madoff Stole My Speech," "Norm Coleman Contested Our Win," "Did AIG Oversee the Voting?, and "Beats a Bruno Ass Facial."

But since Roy and Danny already have copies of the HuffPost Complete Guide to Blogging, we'll be sending a copy to the three HuffPost commenter-generated suggestions the HuffPost community said were its favorites: "Journalism isn't dead; it's online" (submitted by shoutingatmytv); "Blogs: Weapons of Mass Instruction" (Michael Pastore); and "Do ask, do tell. Do." (ourmoro).

Congrats to them -- and thanks again to everyone who sent one in.

Click here to check out a slideshow from the Webbys.

TiVo Alert: I'll be guest hosting CNBC's Squawk Box Wednesday morning 7-9 am EDT. I'll be interviewing Nassim Taleb, Jim Grant, and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis), and I'd love to have your help deciding what to ask them. Please post your suggested questions in the comments section of this post.