18 Honest Photos That Show What The Wedding Night Is Actually Like

18 Honest Photos That Show What The Wedding Night Is Actually Like

People often have a romanticized notion of what the wedding night is like. Newsflash: It isn't all rose petals, orgasms and fancy champagne.

Recently, we asked our readers to send us a photo that more accurately represents what the night after the wedding was like for them. Some couples chose In-N-Out over pricey room service. Others opted for a peaceful night in their own bed instead of a night at a swanky hotel. And guess what? They still said it was perfect.

Courtesy of Gina Toth
"On the way back to our hotel, we were starving since we didn't have ANYTHING at our wedding except some cake. Californian tradition, and it was perfect."
Courtesy of Ashley Dowdy
"My husband took this picture at 3 in the morning when we finally left the after-party at our hotel. This pretty much sums up the last 24 hours."
Courtesy of Julia Greenstein
"After partying with friends and family until about 3:30 a.m., we finally made it back up to our room and found this on our mirror from the best man and maid of honor!"
Courtesy of Kristen M. Dennis
"Playing around at the Surf and Sand Hotel."
Courtesy of Dr. DeAndrea Matthews
"The only photo from the wedding night. My husband running my bath water."
Courtesy of Veronica Rios-Campos and Richie Campos
"We were still so wound up from the evening, but I did not have enough energy to even get out of my wedding dress or take my hair stuff out. We sat and read all the well wishes and sipped on hot cocoa in our new 'Mr. and Mrs.' mugs."
Courtesy of Micah and Karen Kronjaeger
"After a monsoon washed out roads and a bridge, two-thirds of our friends were not able to make it because it was so flooded. These were the first things out of our pockets: his wallet, phone, pocket knife and my veil with ALL bobby pins and bouquet. And hello mother-in-law on hubby's phone. It's the epitome of our married life."
Courtesy of Heather McKenzie
"My husband ordering at the drive-thru at Hardee's the night of our wedding. We were starving."
Courtesy of Mercedes Mondragon
"We didn't have a fancy wedding, it was in my parents' backyard so we had no bridal suite. After the wedding we slept for the first time in our freshly rented apartment, so there was a lot to do. This collage is a picture of us dancing and later him arranging the living room, me sleeping and our first not-so-fancy breakfast as a married couple. It's not the normal wedding night but we loved it!"
Courtesy of Dave Cummings
"Me rapping LL Cool J's 'Mama Said Knock You Out' after the reception was over. I rapped and her parents still like me."
Courtesy of Tara and Al Belmondo
"After our wedding reception was over, my feet were killing me! My hubby carried me upstairs to our suite!"
Christina Iafrate
"We decided to cancel our hotel room next to the hall so we could go home and sleep in our own bed. My husband had a few drinks so I drove home in my giant wedding dress!"
Courtesy of Carissa Jensen
"My husband and I were married while on safari in Tanzania. Afterwards our guide arranged a campfire beneath the full moon."
Courtesy of Karen and David
"After the wedding when we came back to our house. He carried me across the threshold."
Courtesy of Kaelyn Row
"My husband took a bubble bath in our hotel room solo! I didn't want to mess up my hair for brunch the next day."
Courtesy of Sara Stanford
"We never dress up and I think we were pretty smitten with not only each other, but ourselves! After we finally put our phones down, we got into jammies and watched 'Seinfeld' in Spanish and fell asleep by midnight. It was perfect."
Courtesy of Elizabeth Colvin
"My husband and I spent the rest of the day and night celebrating our daughter's first birthday after we surprised everyone and got married at the backyard party!"
Nicole Ruffo
"Tired after a long day."
Courtesy of Colleen Temple
"Right when we got back to our room. Partied out!"

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