The Week Of Eating In: Everything You Need To Know

The Week Of Eating In: Everything You Need To Know

We'd like to invite you to participate in a special project brought to you by HuffPost Green and HuffPost Eyes&Ears.

What: A week-long experiment in cooking your own food inspired by Cathy Erway, author of The Art of Eating In. We'll be providing awesome commentary and how-to's on everything from how to not waste food to great winter recipes. And we'll invite you to share your experiences with the HuffPost Community.

February 22-28th, 2010.

Who: Anyone from eco-warriors to average Joes, from to accomplished gourmands to first-time novices are invited to participate.

Why: Not only do we think this will save you money and get you eating healthier food, we think this will be a fun consciousness-raising activity in better understanding where your food comes from. If you know what you are eating, that's the first step in making good food decisions for you AND the planet.

Where: Everywhere! There are no restrictions -- anyone and everyone can participate.

Just sign up below, and take the pledge to tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter what you're up to. The more people you get to Eat In with you, the more people you could cook with, have potlucks with, or invite over to dinner!

Happy eating (in)!

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