The Week to Week News Quiz for 3/28/14

From ominous moves in Russia to the frontiers of science, find out how much you know about the week's events by taking the latest Week to Week news quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: nyet, nyet, nyet, nyet -- oh, whatever; he was against guns before he was allegedly for them; those are wild cats; and he won't love it so much in the future.

1. What did the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly pass on Thursday?
a. An International Affordable Care Act
b. A declaration that Russia's annexation of the Crimea is illegal
c. The expulsion of Syria until it can defend its own borders, at which time it can reapply for membership
d. A statement of support for Venezuela's embattled government in its struggle with protestors

2. What long-lasting conflict in Asia ended with a peace deal this week?
a. The Philippines signed a peace accord with separatists in its Mindanao region
b. North Korea and South Korea finally signed a peace treaty officially ending the Korean War
c. China, the Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia signed a treaty ending strife over disputed waters and shipping lanes
d. Russia and China finally signed a peace and border demarcation agreement stemming from their 1969 clash

3. What powerful California Democratic political leader was arrested as part of large FBI raids in the Bay Area this week?
a. Assemblymember Phil Ting
b. U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer
c. State Senator Mark Leno
d. State Senator Leland Yee

4. What is the name of the former gangster who was arrested in the same FBI raids in California?
a. Lord "Zapf Dingbats" Broulton
b. Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow
c. Vladimir "Happy Mule" Robba
d. Todd

5. What has increased 30% since 2012?
a. Convictions of elected officials for corruption
b. Autism diagnoses
c. The high school dropout rate
d. Home foreclosures

6. What did President Obama give Pope Francis when they met this week?
a. A bear hug
b. A box of seeds
c. A collection of movies on DVD
d. A WWJD wristband

7. What group of people has been given the go-ahead by the National Labor Relations Board to unionize?
a. Exotic dancers in Manitowoc, Wisconsin
b. U.S. Secret Service agents
c. Northwestern University football players
d. Wall Street bankers

8. Why are scientists excited about Biden?
a. Biden is the name of a new dwarf planet discovered on the outskirts of the solar system
b. The vice president called for increased federal funding of scientific research
c. Joe and Jill Biden donated 300 acres from their Delaware farm to be used as a wetlands observatory
d. Biden earned his Ph.D. in physics in February through a Phoenix University online program

9. Washington state authorities warned that the death toll would climb "substantially" from what?
a. A 46-car accident on a bridge during heavy fog
b. The collapse of a textile factory in suburban Seattle
c. A snowstorm that shut down the state's electric grid for three days
d. A landslide

10. What milestone was reached by the Affordable Care Act this week?
a. The White House announced that 50 million people had signed up
b. The Supreme Court declared the contraceptive mandate unconstitutional
c. The Obama administration announced that 6 million people had signed up
d. The ObamaCare website was the most-visited website for Americans aged 18-34

BONUS. What impulsive act will an 18-year-old Norwegian man likely regret when he's middle-aged?
a. He is posting on Facebook a photo every hour from each of his dates
b. He is making YouTube videos of himself singing the entire phonebook from Rothenburg, Germany
c. He has vowed to have a baby with every woman he dates
d. He got a tattoo on his arm of the receipt from his latest McDonald's purchase

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ANSWERS: 1) b. 2) a. 3) d. 4) b. 5) b. 6) b. 7) c. 8) a. 9) d. 10) c. BONUS) d.

Explanations of the hints: nyet, nyet, nyet, nyet -- oh, whatever: that could have been Russia's thoughts in the lead-up to the vote against its actions in Crimea and Ukraine; he was against guns before he was allegedly for them: Yee was a vocal supporter of gun control who is accused of being involved with weapons trafficking; those are wild cats: the Northwestern Wildcats can now unionize; and he won't love it so much in the future: McDonald's motto of "I'm lovin' it" will likely get old, even in Norway.