The Week to Week News Quiz for 6/6/14

While Europe pauses to remember the turning moment of World War II, see how much you know about the significant events of the past week in our latest Week to Week news quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: He came in third place nonetheless; it's like a reverse mortgage for rich people; Mubarak must be pleased; and tank man forever!

1. World leaders are gathered in France to commemorate the anniversary of the Normandy landings. Which one of the following is not true?
a. 160,000 Allied forces took part in the invasion
b. The U.S. deployed a dummy base made of plywood and used inflatable tanks to trick the Germans into thinking the invasion would occur elsewhere
c. Adolf Hitler stayed up the entire night before the invasion so he could personally call in orders to the generals
d. The Germans did not think the Allies would stage the landing on June 6 because of the terrible weather

2. Who accepted what it called a "brutally tough, deeply troubling" report on its failures?
a. The House GOP, regarding composition of its Benghazi committee
b. The White House, regarding its handling of the negotiations for the return of Bowe Bergdahl
c. General Motors, regarding the ignition problems linked to at least 13 deaths
d. The Nigerian government, regarding its failure to deal with the Boko Haram militant group

3. Why is recently released U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl being criticized by some fellow soldiers?
a. He failed to salute the flag upon his release
b. He was too gung-ho about the war and his fellow soldiers were worried "he was playing G.I. Joe"
c. They allege he deserted his post shortly before his capture
d. He wanted the U.S. to expand its presence in Afghanistan, not withdraw

4. Despite having been arrested and having withdrawn from the contest, who still won 287,000 votes Tuesday?
a. Leland Yee, candidate to be California's secretary of state
b. U.S. Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi
c. Bill McKay, candidate for the U.S. Senate seat from California
d. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

5. What is the name of the online fictional villain who allegedly inspired two Milwaukee-area 12-year-old girls to stab a friend 19 times?
a. Heinrich Strasser
b. Slenderman
c. Voldemort
d. Candyman

6. How is the European Central Bank trying to get banks there to boost lending?
a. Nearly 400 senior banking officials have been imprisoned on charges of "hoarding cash"
b. It sends them an email telling the banks that Sweden's king has given them $900 billion to hide and would they please help them spend it
c. It has raised interest rates to 20.5%
d. It has made interest rates negative, thereby charging banks a fee for keeping their money with the ECB instead of lending it out

7. What country's new president claimed to have received more than 96% of the vote?
a. Egypt
b. Russia
c. Venezuela
d. North Korea

8. During a visit to Poland, President Obama promised to seek $1 billion to spend on what?
a. Opening 48 new trade offices and "economic enhancement centers" in European Union countries
b. Building a wall along Poland's eastern frontier
c. Strengthening the U.S. military presence in central and eastern Europe
d. Investing in civil society groups in the former Soviet countries

9. This past week China blocked Google to prevent access to information about what 25-year-old event?
a. The death of Mao
b. The first democratic election in Taiwan
c. The fall of the Berlin Wall
d. The massacre at Tiananmen Square

10. What happened this week at Seattle Pacific University?
a. The school's database was the latest high-profile hacking victim
b. A gunman shot four people before being stopped
c. Hillary Clinton finally announced her intention to run for president
d. SpaceX launched its first retrievable manned rocket

BONUS. Russian President Vladimir Putin called Hillary Clinton "weak." In her new book, Hard Choices, what does she call Putin?
a. "Thin-skinned" and "autocratic"
b. "Dull with a zoned-out look in his eyes, like he's on something illegal"
c. A "controversial but necessary firm hand steering the Russian ship of state"
d. "Someone with a woman's deft touch of diplomacy but a man's negotiating savvy"

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ANSWERS: 1) c. 2) c. 3) c. 4) a. 5) b. 6) d. 7) a. 8) c. 9) d. 10) b. BONUS) a.

Explanations of the hints: He came in third place nonetheless: Leland Yee garnered enough votes to place third in the primary -- five candidates came in behind Yee; it's like a reverse mortgage for rich people: the central bank is actually charging banks to park money at the ECB instead of paying interest; Mubarak must be pleased: Egypt's new president was a military officer under Mubarak; and tank man forever: "tank man" refers to the brave young man who was filmed standing in front of a line of tanks at the beginning of the Tiananmen Square crackdown -- his fate is not known.