The Week to Week News Quiz 4/25/17

Take the latest Week to Week News Quiz to see how up-to-date your knowledge of the news is.

Here are some random but real hints: People feared it would help Le Pen; he likes quiet in the office; there was $25 million more where that came from; and looking for a Brexit bounce. Answers are below the quiz.

1. Who won the first round of French presidential elections?

a. Far-right leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron

b. Incumbent François Hollande and centrist Emmanuel Macron

c. Incumbent François Hollande and far-right leader Marine Le Pen

d. Center-right leader François Fillon and far-left leader Jeremy Corbyn

2. An investigation into terrorism was started after a policeman and a suspected gunman were killed in a shootout in what city last Thursday?

a. London

b. New York

c. Paris

d. Madrid

3. After abruptly firing 93 U.S. attorneys, how many new attorneys has Attorney General Jeff Sessions hired?

a. 190

b. Zero

c. 93

d. 33

4. Fox News dropped its top-rated on-air personality Bill O’Reilly after what happened?

a. Renewed attention to millions of dollars paid to women who had alleged that he sexually harassed them

b. He announced that he is pro-choice

c. TMZ reported that O’Reilly was negotiating with MSNBC for a prime-time program

d. He left to join the priesthood

5. What happened to former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, while serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder?

a. He was nonetheless drafted by the Minnesota Vikings

b. He killed himself in his prison cell

c. His conviction was overturned after new DNA evidence was presented

d. He was convicted of two more killings

6. Who is the latest conservative to have a college speaking engagement called off due to campus worries about security?

a. Bill O’Reilly

b. Michelle Malkin

c. David Brooks

d. Ann Coulter

7. Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff will head to a runoff election after nearly capturing a first-round victory in what conservative district?

a. Little Rock, Arkansas

b. Orange County, California

c. The suburban Atlanta seat once held by Newt Gingrich

d. Mitch McConnell’s home county of Victory Gulch, Kentucky

8. What leader called a snap election?

a. German Chancellor Angela Merkel

b. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

c. British Prime Minister Theresa May

d. Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni

9. How big of a golden parachute will Bill O’Reilly get from Fox News in his exit from the company?

a. $750,000

b. $1 million

c. $3 million

d. $25 million

10. Happy Days star Erin Moran died over the weekend. What was her first television series?

a. Daktari

b. Lost in Space

c. Laverne and Shirley

d. The Courtship of Eddie’s Father

BONUS. Former New York Yankee Derek Jeter and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are the new owners of what?

a. Chipotle restaurants

b. The Miami Marlins

c. The Ft. Lauderdale Journal-News

d. Yahoo


1. a.

2. c.

3. b.

4. a.

5. b.

6. d.

7. c.

8. c.

9. d.

10. a.


One more question: Want the live news quiz experience? Join us Wednesday, April 26 in San Francisco for our next lively Week to Week political roundtable with a live news quiz and a social hour at The Commonwealth Club of California. Panelists include CBS San Francisco’s Melissa Caen, Santa Rosa Press Democrat’s C.W. Nevius, and Huffington Post’s Mollie Reilly.

Explanations of the hints: People feared it would help Le Pen: the Paris shooting made some worry that Le Pen would gain votes from it; he likes quiet in the office: he has filled none of the positions yet; there was $25 million more where that came from: Fox is used to paying millions to people involved in sexual harassment cases; and looking for a Brexit bounce: Theresa May is hoping to get a big majority in Parliament at a time when she needs to negotiate a tough Brexit with the EU and while the opposition Labour Party is in disarray.

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