The Week to Week News Quiz 4/28/17

See how your first 100 days of the Week to Week News Quiz turned out.

Here are some random but real hints: But we won’t know how it affects the president; what would he do without Barack Obama to run against; he wasn’t ready to retire; and it was an online scam. Answers are below the quiz.

1. This week, the White House finally released its proposal for what?

a. An invasion of North Korea

b. Withdrawing from NATO

c. Expanding Mar a Lago to add a runway for Air Force One

d. Tax reform

2. According to a new poll, what percent of Trump voters approve of his job performance?

a. None

b. All

c. 93 percent

d. 34 percent

3. Unless President Trump stops it, later this year the government will release thousands of documents regarding what?

a. John F. Kennedy’s assassination

b. Area 51

c. Watergate

d. The Iran-Contra scandal

4. How much is former President Barack Obama being paid to speak to a Wall Street bank?

a. Free; he refuses to take their money

b. $75,000

c. $400,000

d. $1 million

5. More than 100 people were injured when what was stormed by armed gangs on Thursday?

a. Los Angeles Dodgers stadium

b. The Shortville City Hall in Georgia

c. The parliament of Macedonia

d. The Philippines’ National Congress

6. On Friday, what did President Trump tell the National Rifle Association?

a. The “eight-year assault” on gun rights is over

b. North Korea wouldn’t be a problem if its citizens were all armed

c. He is a messenger from God

d. Suspected terrorists have the right to own semi-automatic weapons

7. Which former president was recovering from pneumonia?

a. Bill Clinton

b. Jimmy Carter

c. George W. Bush

d. George H.W. Bush

8. Who is reportedly exploring opportunities to create a new conservative media network?

a. Rupert Murdoch

b. Ousted Fox News CEO Roger Ailes

c. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush

d. Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison

9. Who fell victim to a $100 million scam run by a Lithuanian man?

a. The U.S. State Department

b. Ted Turner

c. Facebook and Google

d. The New Jersey mob

10. Under pressure from congressional Republicans, what has the National Security Agency agreed to reduce?

a. The amount of tweeting by NSA officers

b. Its staff by 60 percent

c. The collection of Americans’ emails

d. Its investigations of possible collusion between Russian intelligence agents and Trump campaign officials

BONUS. What new celebrity product is being planned?

a. Johnny Depp is partnering with Johnny Rockets for a chain of goth-inspired eateries

b. Gwyneth Paltrow and Vogue editor Anna Wintour are turning Paltrow’s website Goop into a magazine

c. Dolly Parton is turing her Dollywood into a virtual-reality game

d. Pat Benatar is going to sell personalized shot glasses


1. d.

2. c.

3. a.

4. c.

5. c.

6. a.

7. d.

8. b.

9. c.

10. c.


One more question: Want the live news quiz experience? Join us Monday, May 15 in San Francisco for our next lively Week to Week political roundtable with a news quiz and a social hour at The Commonwealth Club of California. Panelists include the San Francisco Chronicle’s Joe Garofoli.

Explanations of the hints: But we won’t know how it affects the president: they released the tax plan, but the president won’t release his tax returns; what would he do without Barack Obama to run against: Trump put himself forward in his speech as the antidote to what he described as bad policy during the Obama years; he wasn’t ready to retire: Ailes still wants to be in charge; and it was an online scam: Facebook and Google were the victims.

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