The Week to Week News Quiz 5/19/17: Special Top-Secret Edition

Don’t tell the Russians, but we’re exposing all of the top news in our latest Week to Week News Quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: He’d work for his former self; he’d bring Joementum to the Hoover building; he wanted a better view of his guards beating up protestors; and it’s already more like a sitcom. Answers are below the quiz.

1. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is taking on a new job. What is it?

a. Independent counsel investigating payments by Russia to Trump campaign associates

b. New FBI director

c. Director of national intelligence

d. Special counsel for the FBI investigating Russian election interference and possible collusion with the Trump campaign

2. Former Senator Joe Lieberman is reportedly one of four candidates meeting with President Trump about what job?

a. FBI director

b. White House spokesman

c. Director of national intelligence

d. Secretary of state

3. Who is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s recommendation to be the new FBI director?

a. Rudy Giuliani

b. Mitch McConnell

c. Nikki Haley

d. Merrick Garland

4. Who visited the White House on Tuesday for talks with President Trump?

a. Russia’s ambassador to the United States

b. Turkey’s President Erdogan

c. Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly

d. IMF head Christine Lagarde

5. How did the Russian Foreign Ministry respond to U.S. media reports that Donald Trump had given highly classified information to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister?

a. “Is true. Nothing wrong with that.”

b. People should stop reading American newspapers.

c. It denied that its foreign minister was at the meeting, despite photographs showing him with Trump

d. This accusation is “just what we would expect from the perfidious American media”

6. According to multiple reports, what country was the source of the classified information Trump gave to the Russians?

a. Iraq

b. Saudi Arabia

c. Turkey

d. Israel

7. What did Mitch McConnell say he wants from the White House?

a. A “little less drama”

b. A “big honking tax cut”

c. Making sure his great-granddaughter can actually find an egg at next year’s Easter Egg Hunt

d. Some sign that there’s “adult human supervision”

8. What did Representative Jason Chaffetz do one day after he invited former FBI Director James Comey to testify before his House Oversight Committee?

a. He invited President Trump to testify

b. He said the meeting will be held without any of the Democratic members present

c. He announced he will resign from his congressional office in June

d. He was captured in a secret recording telling House Speaker Paul Ryan that Trump is guilty

9. Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes died this week. Which one of the following is not true?

a. He suffered from hemophilia

b. He got his start in television as a production assistant for The Mike Douglas Show

c. A journalist once described his voice as “a cross between Henry Kissinger and Minnie Mouse”

d. He was a good friend of Barbara Walters

10. On Donald Trump’s first overseas trip as president, his hosts are going out of their way to accommodate him. Which one of the following is not something they are doing?

a. To keep his attention, speeches at NATO meetings won’t be longer than 4 minutes

b. His hosts in Saudi Arabia will be eating lamb and rice, but they will serve Trump steak and ketchup

c. In Jerusalem, he will stay in a bomb-proof, poison gas-proof, and bulletproof hotel room that can withstand the collapse of the entire hotel building

d. In Berlin, his hotel suite will be provided a special cable television service that will let him watch all of his favorite TV shows in English

BONUS. What caused Cincinnati’s mayor to issue an emotional apology?

a. His office accidentally issued a proclamation honoring a man who shot and killed a police officer

b. He had declared a city holiday in honor of his recently deceased wife

c. He was accused of bullying a female journalist who asked him about a spending scandal

d. He revealed highly classified information to a visiting Russian mayor during a meet-and-greet


1. d.

2. a.

3. d.

4. b.

5. b.

6. d.

7. a.

8. c.

9. c (that was actually said about Dr. Ruth Westheimer).

10. d.


One more question: Want the live news quiz experience? Join us Monday, June 5 in San Francisco for our next lively Week to Week political roundtable with a news quiz (and chocolate prizes!) and a social hour at The Commonwealth Club of California.

Explanations of the hints: He’d work for his former self: Former FBI Director Mueller will work for his successor, whoever that might be; he’d bring Joementum to the Hoover building: When Lieberman was a presidential candidate, he once claimed after a primary defeat to sense “Joementum” propelling his candidacy forward; he wanted a better view of his guards beating up protesters: after his meeting with President Trump, Erdogan was videotaped watching guards at the Turkish embassy fight with protesters; and it’s already more like a sitcom: McConnell wants less drama from the White House—perhaps more song-and-dance?

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