The Weekly Rune: Algiz Reversed

For the week of 19 April 2015

Mannaz affirms we're headed in the right direction as the half-month rune, though Algiz reversed encourages us to progress carefully.

Read right to left in the image is Mannaz, then Algiz reversed to the left.

Mannaz remains the half-month rune through 29 April. Learn more about the half-month rune's influence.

The stave of the mind, Mannaz hits on a lot of fronts. Indicating community and the affirmation of right thinking, this is a time of a lot of dynamics being aligned, ducks in a row.

Algiz reversed brings other focuses to the fore, as well. Concerned with all matters of protection and defense, this rune upended suggests reason to be wary. Algiz can indicate matters of home, of feeling that safety so deeply that we become capable of carrying it with us wherever we go. It stands to reason that reversed we have to be able to both discern where that stability may be challenged, and/or where we may be overprotecting ourselves.

So, we have Mannaz saying all is aligned, with Algiz reversed telling us to be careful. This is a push-pull time, in which the personal compass provides the only true direction. The ultimate message is that Mannaz has the clear intel, and Algiz reversed prods us to be sure about our commitment to act on it.


Originally published at Soul Intent Arts.