The Weekly Rune -- Algiz

For the week of April 5, 2015
Ehwaz as the half-month rune continues to emphasize the need for an extra bit of umph, while Algiz offers up strategic defense.

Read right to left in the image is Ehwaz, followed by Algiz.

Ehwaz remains the half-month rune through April 14. To learn more about the half-month rune's influence and my work with the runes, visit Patreon. Find my runic artwork on Etsy.

Meaning "horse" in its literal interpretation, Ehwaz brings all things indicating company, loyalty, and journey -- both in the travel and ecstatic sense. The quality that brings all of these together is its connections to ritual.

In short, we put a lot of thought and energy into it. We create intention, and that's what Ehwaz is telling us to do at this time. Clarify what it is that's needed, perform the rituals needed to bring the etheric support for it to happen, then do it. None of the steps can be left out.

Algiz brings a level of comfort in accomplishing this, as it indicates protection. Specifically, as it has connections to indigenous grasses and elk, it means that through it we have the ability to take the feelings and protection of home everywhere we go.

This week brings both the need to focus intention and jump start a project or whatever has been on the heart, yet to do so realizing your limitations, and those who might not be so supportive of your needs. There's a bit of reprieve at its heart, and a lot of merging the internal with the external.


Originally published at Soul Intent Arts.