The Wet Foot / Dry Foot Song (With Apologies to Dr. Seuss)

Wet foot, wet foot,
Dry foot, Dry.
Beach in the morning.
Beach at night.
Wet foot, wet foot, wet foot, Dry.
This one can stay,
Those go bye bye.

Sand feet, surf feet.
White feet, black feet.
Right foot, wrong foot.
Feet, feet, feet.
How many feet
The Coast Guard meet.

Slow feet, Quick feet.
Tricked feet, sicked feet.
Free feet, caught feet.
Sold and bought feet.
Small feet, big feet.
Capitalist pig feet.
His feet, her feet.
Famous Elian feet.

On the beach,
Then on the street
How many, many
Feet we meet.
Havanan feet,
Cap Haitien feet.
More and more feet
Can't-keep-score feet
Here come
More and more...
...and more feet!

Wet foot. Dry foot.
Feet. Feet. Feet.
How many feet
The Coast Guard meet!