The White Sand Beach P*rn You Need Right Now

If you're cruising the Internet for a steamy, full-frontal ocean shot to carry you through the dismal winter months, then take a look at these sexy BILFs (Beaches I'd Like to Frequent).
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It's never wrong to daydream about white, sandy beaches and crisp, aqua waters. But when it's cold, slushy, and there's four feet of snow out your window, well, those thoughts take on an entirely new voyeuristic value. And if Fifty Shades of Grey taught anyone anything (it didn't, really), it's not to be embarrassed by your inner desires. Embrace them. If you're cruising the Internet for a steamy, full-frontal ocean shot to carry you through the dismal winter months, then take a look at these sexy BILFs (Beaches I'd Like to Frequent).

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Bottom Bay

This Caribbean temptress will lure you in with her seemingly demure nature. Waves crest in Baywatch-style slowmo onto crystal-colored sand. But looks can be deceiving. With a feisty undertow, this Barbadian beauty is almost better to look at than actually touch.
Best features: Picnic spot; whale-watching; not recommended for swimming
Order now: Fly into Grantley Adams International Airport.

Ölüdeniz Beach

Though more popular among Europeans -- they're usually more open, anyway -- Ölüdeniz is perfect for the adventurous. You might have to adjust to its pebbly shore, which can be a bit crude for American audiences, but it's worth a viewing. BDSM Bonus: Ideal for hardcore customers into Beaches for Diving or Snorkeling in the Mediterranean.
Best features: Paragliding; scuba diving
Order now: Ölüdeniz is a 2.5-hour drive from Antalya Airport.

Laughing Bird Caye

This island national park is perfect for people who love to go down... diving. Laughing Bird Caye is the southernmost island in the Belize Barrier Reef and is full of colorful marine life and coral. There's no place to stay on the Caye itself -- you'll have to stay in nearby Placencia Village. But if you're looking for the perfect one-night stand of beaches, this is it.
Best features: Diving; bird-watching
Order now: Daily flights run between Belize City and Placencia. From there, hire a boat out to the caye.

Navagio Beach

Navagio is a quiet, seemingly innocent cove, with a tawdry past. Legend has it a smuggling fleet shipwrecked on the beach while transporting cigarettes and booze. Today, the *sleepy* inlet has cleaned up its act and offers everything white-sand fetishists look for: insanely blue water with clear views to the bottom. Accessible only by boat, this is your patch of white sand if you like bad beaches gone good.
Best features: Hiking; swimming; snorkeling; BASE jumping
Order now: Regular flights are scheduled from Athens to the town of Zakynthos. From there, reach Navagio beach by taxi boats from Porto Vromi.

Playa Paraiso

A classic tale of forbidden love, Cuba is still off limits to Americans, making this stretch of pristine coastline the ultimate taboo. Maybe there are better beaches out there, but the thrill of doing something naughty makes the attraction that much stronger.
Best features: Catamaran trips; dolphin-watching; beachside dining
Order now: Sneak into Cuba illegally (but you probably shouldn't), or be patient and wait for the borders to open to Americans. However, once you're actually allowed to visit, you'll realize you put Cuba up on a pedestal in your mind.

Long Beach

Unpolished and undeveloped, this beach falls into the 1970s amateur category, but there's still a surprisingly large audience for that. If your fetish is white-sand beach surrounded by a full jungle, this is your jam.
Best features: Backroads for motorbiking; kayaking; beachside massage (happy endings not included)
Order now: Long Beach is on Phu Quoc Island in the Gulf of Thailand. Vietnam Airlines has daily flights between Ho Chi Minh City and Duong Dong, Phu Quoc's main town.

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