The White Stripes To Release Final Concert As Live Album

The White Stripes Return

The White Stripes are coming back! Well, sort of. According to an announcement on the Third Man website, the label will be presenting "fans with peeks at the White Stripes from three decidedly different eras of the band." The duo, though still broken up, will be showing fans much hitherto unseen material.

The first piece of the three-part package is a live album entitled Live From Mississippi. It is a recording of the band's performance in Southaven, Mississippi, which would turn out to be their last. The album will be released as a double vinyl, which is not surprising given Jack White's is one of the world's most visible record enthusiasts. Though including cuts from all six Stripes albums, "the set list is decidedly heavy on the blues and features covers of songs by Robert Johnson, Son House and Leadbelly," and goes relatively light on the Stripes' more well-known hits.

Third Man will also be releasing a 7", the a-side of which is a cover of Love's "Signed DC" and the b-side of which is a cover of Otis Redding's "I've Been Loving You Too Long." These are some of the earliest recordings The White Stripes ever made, predating even their first single “Let’s Shake Hands.”

Finally, the band will be releasing a DVD of previously unseen footage entitled "Under Moorhead Lights All Fargo Night," recorded at Ralph’s Corner Bar in Moorhead, Minnesota on June 13th, 2000. The DVD captures the band "immediately following the release of their sophomore album De Stijl on what was their first extended bout of touring across the United States."

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