The Who's '5.15' Gets A Video, 39 Years Later (VIDEO)

The Who set out to find the perfect visuals for their rock opera epic "5.15" from 1973's Quadrophenia. They didn't' start searching, though, until 39 years later.

Through creative group Townhouse, The Who turned the creation of a video for "5.15" over to their fans by holding a competition for user submissions, BBC American reports. The winner was Jeff Rodenberg, with his black and white, lo-fi video of a painter constructing an eerie, mashup portrait of the band members. After nearly five minutes of creating The Who masterpiece, he destroys it.

According to the competition's website, "The video should reflect the 1960s 'Mod Culture' and show inspiration from the musical and visionary journey portrayed in that era." I guess in a loose kind of way this video connects all of those points. Either way, "5.15" is a great song to relisten to.

Go to Townhouse's website to watch submissions and finalists of the competion, or watch below for The Who's video for "5:15:"