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Remember Connie Chung's embarrassing sign off from MSNBC? Well, Malkin just topped her.

Can we now dispense with any pretence that Michelle Malkin should be taken seriously? She's finally outed herself just as Rush did during the 2006 elections. But at least Rush didn't put on a dress and raise his pom pons; at least that we know about. (Republicans leave the cross-dressing to Rudy.)

Does Ms. Malkin actually believe this embarrassing video is effective? What was she thinking? Doesn't she have any friends who will tell her going Connie Chung isn't exactly a good idea?

The video link above is compliments of a reader over at Greg Sargent's place. Seems the wingnut queen is taking on Sargent's post warning of a "blogswarm" over Broder's column today.

Malkin is not a good analyst in the first place, but putting on a cheerleading outfit? She can't even get off the ground in her jumps. Oh, and never mind she can't spell either.

As for her "loser" line, well, I think Bush has that one covered.

Of the 1,001 American adults polled online April 20-23, only 28% had a positive view of Mr. Bush's job performance, down from 32% in February and from a high of 88% in the aftermath of the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The current rating is his weakest showing since his inauguration.

Bill-O might have to rethink his babe after her cheerleader decent. Malkin sits in for the "big giant head" when he's off doing whatever it is he does when he's not fulminating on "The Factor." Then again, the falafel king will likely get off on it.

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