'The Wire' As A Video Game (VIDEO)

"The Wire" continues to inspire viral internet greatness. The Baltimore crime drama that's given rise to brackets and been done in Legos has now been reimagined as an 8-bit video game. Unfortunately it's a College Humor video, so you can't actually play it on Nintendo.

The fictional game, set to a Mario-ized version of the show's "Down In The Hole" theme song, gives the player the choice to choose from any of the show's characters, from McNulty and Bunk to the eminently annoying Ziggy. Different levels test your skills at both policin' and in the Baltimore drug game.

While the video's good for a laugh, the show's creator David Simon has expressed his distaste for this kind of "Wire" worship. In an April interview with The New York Times, he spoke out against a bracket tournament that tried to select the show's best character, saying he wished fans of the show were more willing to grapple with the issues about the drug war and urban poverty that the show explored.

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