The Wisdom of Insecurity: How Uncertainty Amplifies Personal Growth

The Wisdom of Insecurity: How Uncertainty Amplifies Personal Growth
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Possessing feelings of insecurity are often deemed as “bad” or negative in today’s world. Feeling insecure or uncertain can come with it’s challenges, whether it means you are constantly doubting yourself, wondering if everything is going to work out, or feeling uneasy about your future. While there are some understandable concerns with feeling insecure or uncertain, most people don’t give these feelings the justification that they deserve.

There are actually some great benefits of feeling insecure and some ways in which it can help you grow and flourish. Whether you are looking to achieve personal or professional growth, remember that your insecure feelings can actually help you in ways you never thought possible, and here’s how:

  • It Can Help You Get a Firm Reality Check

When you feel uncertain about something, chances are feelings of fear and doubt are going to start creeping in. While these feelings can be overwhelming to say the least, there is a silver lining. Being in this type of situation can naturally cause negative feelings, but it can also encourage you to start reflecting on your situation.

Being in this position means you will have little optimism on your side, but it can cause you to really sit down and look at the facts in front of you as you help yourself change your reality if you need to. This is especially helpful for entrepreneurs who sometimes need this harsh dose of reality when dealing with the challenges of their work and making hard decisions for themselves and others.

  • It Can Help You Be More Humble

It is so easy for any person, no matter what their normal disposition is to have moments where they become too self-centered or egocentric. However, if you have feelings of insecurity or uncertainty, it can help you become more humble and aware of the world around you and remind you that even if you are successful it is always good to remember that we are not better than others just because we have found success.

Feeling uncertain can remind us that past accomplishments do not guarantee future success. They remind us we are never above our mistakes, that we don’t necessarily have it all figured out and that nothing in life is certain. Humility is one of the best predecessors to personal growth and it is something that you can really utilize to your advantage, even in the presence of uncertainty.

  • It Can Help Spawn Creativity

If you have ever been in a state of uncertainty before, then you know it has a certain powerful effect on you. Feeling insecure about something can be one of the most powerful motivating factors to get you out of a certain situation and focused on how to make change.

Sometimes it is even as simple as recognizing you are in a state of uncertainty and beginning with those “what if” questions that can lead to new discoveries. Imagining “what if” can actually be a very powerful way of thinking and something that leads to whole new doors opening up before you.

If you want to start thinking of new creative ways to better yourself and your life, finding yourself in a state of worry, insecurity and uncertainty is actually a way that can help stress your mind just enough to start thinking outside the box.

  • It Can Help You With Acceptance

Most people have heard the quote about being able to accept the things that you cannot change in life. Acceptance is a huge part of growth and it is an important life lesson that can help you be better prepared for the struggles and journey ahead.

When you find yourself dealing with feelings of uncertainty, it can often also teach you about acceptance. The more you understand that before you move on from something, you have to accept it, the easier it is going to be for you to face life’s challenges when they come so you can accept the cards that are dealt to you and know when you can and can’t do things to facilitate change.

Just because you are feeling insecure or uncertain, it doesn’t mean that the entire situation is necessarily going to be negative. When you find yourself in this situation, remember that there is a certain amount of wisdom that can come with uncertainty and a certain type of effect if can have on your life moving forward.

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