The Wisdom of the Witness (10.5)


"I am no one,
so I can be any one,
become each one,
and see every one,
as One."

Mr. Spock

The fourth perspective is the stance of scientific objectivity. It is a rigorous approach that allows you to separate fact from your feeling, truth from your interpretation, what is from what you would like it to be.

From the fourth perspective you consider every fact, every feeling, every through as an object. Even "your" own experience (the one you'd have in the first perspective) is an object for the fourth person's subject.

The scientific method is one of the highest achievements of humanity. It is consciousness realizing its potential for mistake and self-delusion and developing a process to keep itself straight.

Our rational mind allows us, through methodical examination, to see through the illusions and logical fallacies that can bias our judgment and derail our actions.

The fourth person perspective is the one of the pure witness; awareness recognizing what is, as it is, for what it is. This is the view from nowhere, from now-here.

From this point of view you can see life as a movie and yourself as a detached spectator. You have no agenda other than discovering the truth -- the truth that will set you free.

If you want to see clearly, think logically, and act effectively you need the fourth person perspective. In the following video I explain how this works.

Should you have any trouble viewing the video, please click here to view on Fred's slideshare page.

Readers: How do you feel taking the fourth perspective?

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