The Wolf and the Hare

The Wolf and the Hare
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Black button eyes peek a meek glare
The furry vision of a hare
Perceived behind white coat of fur
(Façade of shelter aided her)

She saw not but a blackened room
Her depth perception not in tune
And all she noticed was the moist
Humidity that left her poised

Sedated in the chamber where
There wasn't scent of other hare
But wretched stench of tainted fur...
The presence of a predator!

Her shackled paws
She squirmed to free
Rolled on the floor
In agony
With all her might
She tried to shout
But felt her lungs
Turned inside out

But she did quiver as she felt
The warm embrace of someone else
Something! Oh no, it couldn't be!
"Oh please don't kill me Mr. Beast!"

"Oh joy! She really spoke to me!
What shall I say?" thought Mr. Beast
And too choked up to say a word
He hid his raspy voice from her

"Please spare my soul!" squeaked little hare
"Oh no" thought wolf "Is she that scared
Of me. I'm soft, I'm cuddly!
I couldn't hurt her nor a flea!"

And in an act of mere despair
He licked the little frightened hare
With tender kisses while she shook
And shivered with a frightened look

While traumatized and soaking wet
Drowned in the slobber of the pet
The pup let out a playful "arf"
And wrapped around her like a scarf

"You're crushing me!" she gasped for air
With yin and yang entangled there
And while the wolf latched on so tight
His black fur leaped upon the white

With the persistent wolf in place
A light did yet illuminate
Shone from the crack of opened frame
A pack of wolves did howl his name

"We spotted school of baby squirrels
Delectable and slow for sure.
We could just get them drunk on stout
Then gnaw their tiny guts right out!"

The rabbit's throat, it tried to blare
But massive paws contained the hare
"You guys know I'm an herbivore."
"Since when?" "Since now. So shut the door!"

The baffled wolves then cocked their eyes
And left the pup alone to die
Since he had never fit the pack
They'd no intent of coming back

And with his paws around her hips
His swollen arms loosened their grip
And hare slipped, sliding on the floor
And made her way right to the door

She banged against it, crying now
With tears that streamed right to the ground
And wolf knew what he had to do
He opened door to let her through

He then collapsed against the wall
And whimpered "I'm no good at all!
So I will make decisions fair
I hope this shows you that I care"
She faced green pastures, but just stared
"I think I'll stay" said Mrs. Hare.

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