'The Women Of LA' Skewers Our Unattainable Women, Geeky Guys & Everyone In Between (VIDEO)

Kendrick Lamar once rapped about how people come to Los Angeles for "women, weed and weather," but another rapper doesn't seem to have much luck when it comes to LA ladies.

Comedian DJ Lubel teamed up with celebs Pauly Shore, Jaleel White (otherwise known as "Urkel"), and Dennis Haskins -- a.k.a. Principal Belding -- to complain-sing about how difficult it is to get laid in the City of Angels.

The video starts when Lubel first moves to LA from New York City and his LA-native friends have to disabuse him of his East Coast sex-pectations. Sure enough, at the end of the evening, Lubel is singing the blues: "So we drive around from James Beach to St. Nicks, and end up at Canter's empty-handed and pissed."

The music video contains the worst kind of stereotypes about LA women: that they're obsessed with money and status, have fake breasts and rely on cocaine (and Runyon Canyon!) to stay thin. Other digs: Persian ladies struggle with body hair and Valley chicks aren't worth the drive.

Prepare to be shocked, offended, humiliated and delighted. Let us know in the comments below -- which of these LA stereotypes, if any, rings most true for you?

WARNING: Language and video is graphic.

UPDATE: DJ Lubel apparently has a knack for hyperlocal music videos. In 2009, he wrote and performed this satirical folk ode to Murray Hill, a neighborhood in New York City known for its finance bros and Hebrew school alumni.




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